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No insurance no help for deppression?

I am over 35 single mom .....been dealing with all kinds of mood swings for years now... I have always held a steady job even though I feel like an actress going to work---pretty much becoming someone else(happy talkative friendly etc.) The truth is I do not wanna talk to anyone I feel like I failed my life and my son. It is an impossible task for me to even have a friend because I can't keep the fake happy outside of work... I finally tried to seek medical-mental health but  without insurance they would not even talk to me.. I am at the end of my rope. It takes all of my for my son not to catch on since he is becoming a teenager soon he is pretty self sufficient and I can hide my trueself in front of him. Where and how can I get the help I need??? I truly don't know where to turn . Btw after extensive reaserch I narrowed my problems down to adult hdd and depression hand in hand  Awful combination.. I really would appreciate any feedback Thank you .
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Hi Rennee, friends accept you for who you are good/bad, happy/sad, and I'm willing to bet you are not alone.  What about trying a support group?  I run one for lymphedema.  The emotional component of lymphedema is body image and we all feel 'ugly' and depressed.  just sharing with other people helps, it helps to be able to share it and you make friends with the same problems, and they help each other.  What about church, do you go to one? Your minister would be one to talk to or even places like Catholic Charities, even tho you might not be religious they don't discriminate you don't have to be catholic or anything, and they have a sliding scale fee which means alot of times if your income is low you don't pay anything.  
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   It would be worthwhile to discuss your concerns with a psychiatrist and then they could at that point provide a specific diagnosis as each person's experience is different. Best to note what is going on and explain it to them and then they would know how to address it. The Medicaid Buy in for Working People with Disabilities is one insurance option that you might be eligible that does provide mental health care. Also there are many support groups that can be of help. Nami support groups are one. Some local mental health clinics or outpatient hospitals have mood disorders support groups that are free of charge. The options mentioned in the other post are worthwhile seeking as well.
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Try finding the book dbt for depression,its really helpful.
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Hi Rennee, Hope this helps. Ok I undestand your need for help. There are places that take patients on a sliding scale per visit. It is your debt over income. They offer things like cognative behavioral therapy as well as medication if needed. I would try the first. It is an option just look for a psy place in your area for low income. You need help and they may be able to give it to you. All the best, Clay
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