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Not sure if I need doctors help with my issues.

I'm not sure whether I need a doctor to help me deal with my problems that i have recently been having. I had a baby 6 months ago. My kids are beyond important to me but unfortunately I am not feeling myself for the past 3 months. I'm having an embarrassing issue with my sex life between me and my partner as my private parts have total changed and definitely have not gone back to the pre birth state ;( . Because of this issue I feel down all the time.. I keep imaging that my partner will cheat on me because of the issue I'm having down below.. I keep on feeling sad and feeling like crying during evenings. I pig out on food which gives me a relief with the problem I am having. I just wish I was a happy young mum but keeping on being unhappy due to my sex life.
Does anyone think a doctor would be my best solution to help me out with my problem ? I am very embarrassed to go tell the doctor that my sadness is due to issues with my private parts :(
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It's your thinking that's making you unhappy and probably what's affecting your sex life.  It sounds like post-partum depression.  Talking with a women's health professional of some kind will probably bring you some relief, some sense of normalcy, and maybe even a cure for what sounds like a hormonal imbalance common to women who have recently given birth.
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I would talk to your ob/gyn (doctor that delivered your baby) about post partum depression.  This is not uncommon after giving birth.  And some women do have a let down sort of feeling.  Life will never be the same.  Your body will never be the same.  But there is beauty in the changes once you've become a mother.  However, it's not always easy to deal with. Between hormones shifting (affecting mood and libido) and possible depression/anxiety after the baby, please talk to your doctor.  Mine very much wanted to hear about this and proactively asked me questions to try to uncover if it was going on because they want to address it with women rather than letting it get worse.  So, give your OB/GYN or doctor a call.  good luck
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