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hi everyone,
ive had certain phobias ever since ive been a kid.and as ive grown older it seems to be getting worse.sometimes it gets so bad that i literally feel that there is no safe place.i mean as a kid i used to go and ask my parents if i could sleep in their bed so that i can avoid the feeling when i was alone but even that didnt stop it.i literally start to shake and tremble.and now its starting to cause depression.ive had anxiety problems but this fear is overwhelming.im 22 years old but cant even sit alone in my room and study because i want to sit around people to avoid the loneliness.life has been stressful over the last few months but still i have a blessed life.i compare my self to others in distress and they r stronger despite going through much more.i dont know whether there is a cure for this because i feel i was born with it and might have to deal with it for life.and the only hope has been that when it goes its as if nothing ever happened.but when it comes,it TAKES OVER!
is there a ray of hope out there?
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If the phobias as taking over your life it is time to get help.  There may be a support group in your area or you could ask your doctor for a mental health referral.  Cognitive therapy helps a lot as well as the right medications.  I hope your fears do not keep you from getting the help that will give you relief.
Here is one page that I liked about this.  The right therapist will help you immensely!

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