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I'm a 14 year old girl, I have just been outta place, i have been depressed with home, Foster home, family, school, religious life, and most of all me my weight my looks, the way I act the way I talk, the way I think, and mostly the way people put everything on me, but I haven't done nothing and I feel like my aIcholic mother is right that I am someone who lies for aliving and the worse on earth but others say the different things but now there also saying things that didn't come out of my mouth and I know they haven't and just nothing but fighting, and now I just don't think that I could live this way... Being a mother to my 3 younger siblings and helping my older sister like picking the best pic for interest or boyfriends etc...(Still at home with my mother...I put myself in a home...but they want to leave but to scared cause my mother is a evil person and looking like the bad one cause maybe a week later she got caught and kids got token away and she has told my two younger siblings that I'm gonna make them get token away), going to school thinking I'm so getto for the people there or not smart enough, Foster home thinking I'll never be good enough or clean enough even though I clean everyday and looking like a liar in front of their  friends, being told two different religious groups the Old Testament and New Testament, and getting confuses cause the old one you gotta be an angel to go to heaven, the other he loves you not matter what and stuff and it's just killing me cause I don't know if I'm good enough, and the way I look... They way I look in school and the way my brain is it just doesn't wanna have my mother smile and down it doesn't want to have acne and pimples and I don't want to get chubby cause I'm scared I'll look like her, my system.... I can't sleep without feeling scared it's like there's always something coming on to my bed and I'll scared myself seeing things that aren't there and how I know they stuff wrong with me but everyone Denys it.. Sorry I've gotten into details but I'm sorry but I have token 175 mg concerta, 300mg novo-quetiapine and I don't know what to do I wasn't thinking and now I am and I'm scared if I'll overdoes? PLEASE HELP ME WHAT WILL HAPPEN ? Please don't judge me. Sorry for writing I'm scared so I wept fast
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This is an alternative medicine forum of non-professionals.  You need to call an emergency hotline or an emergency room at a hospital to see if you have taken an overdose, we are not doctors.  You say you  want to learn how to fast, if I understand your heading correctly, but it seems related to body image, a common problem for girls your age.  Fasting isn't the answer.  You need a counselor to talk to who can help you calm down and learn to deal with your feelings, not reinforce your probably false negative self image.  Look, you're young, a lot is on your table, it's normal to have it seem overwhelming at times.  The important thing is how you respond to these kinds of things, not the things themselves at the moment since you can't change them right now -- you can't change your Mom.  You need to learn to be you and not the person you think you should be.  You're only 14, this will pass, you'll see, but it's time for you to talk to someone who can help you understand what's going on and slow things down.  Peace.
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This is not an alternative medicine forum. There are many people here on medicine.

I believe you will go to heaven and you don't need to be an angel for that to happen. That is my belief.

If ever you have taken too much medicine you can call poison control right away.

I'm sorry your life is so hard. Positive self talking to yourself will really help
the way you feel. If you could see a Therapist that would be great otherwise talking to your counselor may be a big help. Just be open and honest so they have the full picture.

Are your meds helping you? If not you may need a change. There are many meds out there to try so you have what works best for you.

I will tell you without a doubt that you must eat regularly. Not only does your body need nutrition but it is so very important for your mind!

We are here for you so keep in touch if you can.

From what you wrote I can tell that you are a strong young lady with a lot of responsibilities. You should be very proud of yourself. I am proud of you!
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This post was originally placed on the alternative medicine forum, but the MedHelp people moved it here.  
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