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hi, I am an 18 yr. old female. For the past 11 months I have had the most bizarre symptoms. It started with uncontrollable crying episodes that weren't triggered by events and led to memory loss, confusion, hot/cold flashes, blue hands and feet,delayed speech and feeling unbalanced. All of these symptoms resulted in me having to be medically homebound for my senior yr. of high school. I was diagnosed with depression and comfortable with the diagnosis until now. I have tried everything to lessen the symptoms! I have been put on celexa, prozac, abilify,lamictal,zoloft,lexapro,lorazapam,clonazpam,seraquil,luvox,deplin,pristiq,cymbalta and even done 5 sessions of ECT ( electroconvulsive shock therapy) I have been to a neurologist, had an EEG,MRI, thyroid testing,and many blood tests. I am supposed to be attending UNCG in 3 weeks and I would really love go to, but I don't see that being possible in the condition I am in now. This has ruined my life, I would be SO HAPPY to have it back.. I am open to any suggestions!

Thanks for reading, Sara
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Your symptoms do sound like depression. I'm just throwing this out there but have you had your hormone levels checked?
Did something happen that may have triggered your symptoms? My depression and anxiety started at the same age you are. It took me a long time to find out why. Things that I thought were not bothering me actually were.
Can you let us know what blood tests you've had done? Did they check your vitamin levels? We're here to help you anyway we can.. Remar
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I think remar is onto something, a complet physical and blood workup is a great idea, and can't do any harm.  Also are you in therapy?  I know my therapist has done more to help my depression than any/all of the medications I have taken have.
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It sounds to me like your blood. Some sort of oxygen block. Maybe hiding in the brain or heart. I suggest you go to Duke or Shrine and request immediate assistance. This sound like a rare decease that may not b detected by any physician. You need a science doctor or a physician that work with rare deceases. This is very serious. You will be going to school in the area where you can get this kind of assistance. Duke is not far neither is the Shriners hospital. Go and seek this immediately!
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I have only had my thyroid checked, no other hormones have been tested. I do however, have extremely irregular cycles. Nothing happened that triggered my symptoms. I have had blood testing for iron levels, and for thyroid. Thanks for all your help, Sara
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I have tried to see doctors for rare diseases in major hospitals, but they only see you on a referral basis. I agree though, that I think it has something to do with my blood or hormones.
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i have been in therapy for 11 months, and tried a few therapists with no avail. I was also hospitalized 11 days in december '09 and 11 days in february '10 to try different medications, nothing helped.
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It truly matters "who" does you thyroid check.  If you didn't see an Endocrinologist, please do so.  They are more advanced and knowledgeable in the endocrine system, and can and will find things a GP can't.  I was tested 3 times for thyroid problems by my GP which all came back fine.  He then sent me to an Endocrinologist saying "they can do a more extensive test than I can."  I was diagnosed with hyporthyroidism.  Our endocrine system impacts every organ in the body and if one thing is "off" it has a domino effect on our bodies.  An Endo can determine if your hormones are off or lacking, or even being produced at all!  I think it is well worth doing in your case. Take care.
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Thank you for your advice. I have seen an Endo. But i am scheduled to see a different one since I felt like she didn't really listen to me and wrote me off right away when she found out I had been hospitalized for depression meds.
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