I have Complex PTSD with aspects of both borderline and dissosiative personality disorders.


Right now I take Celexa, and Trazadone and love them!  But only by burning... and i am not exagerating 3-5 thousand calories a week am I Maintianing my weight at 195.

Last night I ran for an hour and 10 minutes and burnt 1100 calories, Softball on Mondays, and hiking or running on the weekends.  I try to eat right but I crave sugar like a mad woman.

My Phychologist suggested that because of my extreme PTSD from childhood abuse I might have adrenal gland failure...

Is anyone else familure with this?
My GP tested my thyroid which is normal, Adrenal Gland tests are best done by a specialist, which I am not sure I want to go too.  Especially considering there doesn't seem to be any true treatment for it other then "chilling out".

Has anyone successfully delt with Adrenal Failure?
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Go to the thyroid disorders board and as about your adrenals .There are lots of folks that can help[ over there.Go to the unmoderated side .the folks over there are great and so helpful and kind.
I am also on zyprexa and celexa for my bi polar I finally lost 12 lbs but it tookd some doing.So hang in there and let me know how you are.I will look for your post on they thyroid side.
Love Venora
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complex PTSD with aspects of both borderline (though question that) and dissosicative personality disorder.  

I have Complex PTSD with aspects of both borderline and dissosiative personality disorders.  I have tested for low thyroid and my brother, who is licensed naturopath believes that I also suffer from adrenal dysfuncton...so never had that test also.  good lucky in getting the help that you need.  wish the best for you.

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Our bodies get so used to running in high gear or on some levels of adrenaline as part of trauma survival! I'd wager that when the trauma's are really relieved, your entire system will be relieved and will balance out to normal.

I just did a post in the Military Health Issues Community because there are so many coming home from war needing information and resources.
I hope you'll take a look at it, it's about EMDR and treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression, ocd, panick attacks, and more. Best Regards ~
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2 years ago i was in a very bad car wreak and after all my surgery and stuff i got PTSD and i have the off bander of zolft and i love it it works great and i would let anybody to talk to their doctor about it  
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Have you heard of the new treatment of ptsd like xeon gaz decrease bad memory and anxiety that people have in ptsd
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