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I have a brother who took an overdose of antidepressants, who is now in the hospital,he was on a ventilator for a awhile but is now off it. They are keeping him in the hospital for now.  My question is how long does it take for the person to return to normal.
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That's not usually easy for doctors taking care of the patient to predict, let alone lay people who know nothing of what the patient took or how much he took, or what he may have combined it with.  

I hope he recovers completely and gets the help he needs so he won't do it again.  
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He might need checks to see if he is mentally well and to see if he needs treatment as to why he did this. I do hope he is ok? And recovers from this but right now he needs the support from family and friends. I wish him well x
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i hope too that he recovers
just be by his side.....i guess people like us need constant tellng that we are needed and loved
i yearn for hugs n kisses.....give yuor bro many
i am only a 20 yr old...i don't know about all this but i pray for your and his wellbeing
thats all i can do
take loving care
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