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Please I know I'm a pest.what best herbal meds to counteract these issues?

I know I'm a pest on here.
I have a herbal routine at the moment. But with being back on citalopram. I am back to sleeping between 12-14 hours a day with strange dreams and no libido etc.
I am currently back to only 15mg so far which is too low, will soon need to increase.
Taking my Saffron,Holy Basil, d3, half rhodiola  and coconut oil so far.
Anything I can add or exchange to energize without anxiety increasing. Thanks
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Ask your psychiatrist to divide your antidepressant dose in two, to take once in the morning and once in the evening.  This can reduce sedation.  Holy basil not only reduces cortisol but can also reduce blood sugar, which can make you feel tired when it starts to wear off.  I find it does this to me, so I only take it when needed -- it might not do this if taken regularly but it's something to consider.  If the rhodiola is helping and not making you more anxious are you taking the recommended dose?  Herbs are best taken through the day rather than taking a specific dose so they stay in the system, and rhodiola for most people is energizing.  You might try taking wheat grass or spirulina, as they contain high amounts of B12 and chlorophyll which mimics hemoglobin and are just so nutrient dense they might give you more energy.  You might try adding some eleuthero to the mix as well -- personally, I use eleuthero and ashwagandha for my adaptogens, but ashwagandha is more for reducing anxiety.  You might try taking a stress-B vitamin, which will balance relaxing B vitamins with energy aiding B vitamins but won't make you more anxious, it might make you less so.  And you've never detailed your diet or your exercise program -- exercise is great for giving energy if you don't overdo it.  Eating well especially by eating a lot of green leafy vegetables can increase energy.  Juicing them will give you even more.  Meditation can increase energy as well, if you're able to get to the alpha state with it.  But because of your anxiety problem, I'd hesitate if I were you to get into the more stimulating herbs, as they can make an anxious person more so.
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