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Pms possible pmdd. Anyone else? Seriously down

Hi thanks for reading. Beginning to sound like a broken record!

I have been treated for depression in the past. The last few months I've kept track and it seems to be just more than a week before my period it all starts.

It is so so awful. My outlook completely changes. I don't want to get out of bed. I don't want to do anything. The thought of having to endure other people is absolutely vile.

My relationships with others really struggle within this period. I feel so internally angry and try my best not to snap. Now I've started realising it is before my period I'm like this I try to tell myself that's all it is.

I'm in the thick of it right now which seems like the best time to write about it. I just feel so so low. I have moments where I feel pointless and everything around me is pointless. I feel guilty that I feel that way. I'm so annoyed that i feel like I'm doing this to myself. I sometimes feel so worthless and that infuriates me more because it sounds like a pity party.

I have been trying to help myself and have changed things like my diet which was a big thing for me, I make everything like sauces and things from scratch, a take away is maybe once a month. I have upped my water and drink a really good amount everyday. I have increased my exercise in a bid to help too. It may not seem like a lot to others but I take my dog out for a solid hour or more walking in the evenings and most mornings. I really am trying but this seems to be the worst month for quite a while.

I have never wanted my period to come so much as things quickly return to normal.

Has anyone ever had anything similar?

I'm scared to go to the doctor because it feels silly in a way.

Any tips and recommendations? I am desperate for help
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It certainly sounds like PMS.  That means your hormones are out of balance.  If you see a doctor, well, you can do that -- it wouldn't hurt and you'd get a good diagnosis -- but they don't have a lot of options for you.  They might also focus in on the depression part and put you on antidepressants you might not need and then you'd be stuck on them like so many other women in your situation.  I'm a guy, but I managed health foods stores for many years and had a lot -- a lot - of customers just like you who ended up there in frustration.  There are natural remedies that can help balance your hormones.  If you go on the pill, the problem will disappear most likely if it is PMS.  Sex, exercise, and meditation can help.  Yoga can help.  Walking isn't what you want from exercise -- you want a heavy workout, either a lot of cardio or a lot of bending and moving like yoga or weight lifting or running or an elliptical machine -- burning.  That increases testosterone, which will limit your female hormones, and also releases endorphins that help you feel better and more balanced.  So yeah, a lot of things you can try, and don't be afraid to see doc, but try to see a female doc who is a specialist in this but not quick to put you on either hormone drugs or antidepressants if you find it is PMS and not depression.  Good luck.  
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I know exactly what you're talking about, I have PMDD. But now things are getting even worse because I'm going through peri-menopause and may be Menopause its self. I haven't started in over a month. Just waiting to see what happens. I hope you find answers, that will bring you relief.
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Well of course you feel squirrely, your hormones are all in flux. I will take the other side of the coin and say see your primary care Doc or Gynecologist (not for hormones ) but for an antidepressant low mg.

This is such a common problem for women it is never looked down upon by your doctors, they will do what they feel your body needs.  OR you could go the Homeopathic way that Paxil has suggested.
The choice in healthcare is yours --medicinal or homeopathic, it is your choice Cdaisey.

Whatever you decide please do something rather than allow these feelings to deprive you of a joyful life, K?
May you find whats right for you,
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