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Postpartum Depression/ Anxiety/OC

I currently have postpartum depression and anxiety and am taking medication for this. However, my ruminating thoughts are still haunting me and I wanted to know how I can help cope and heal. Ever since, my baby's birth, I've been having thoughts of being homeless and constantly worrying about this to the point it makes me physically ill and depressed. My psychiatrist says the medication should help with the thoughts and it has in intensity but these thoughts are still there. I know realistically that it can't happen b/c of resources but my mind doesn't hear this. How can I help cope with my OCD and ruminating thoughts?
PS. I can't afford therapy b/c my copays are too high and I can't afford it b/c of over bills that i have and am not working. hence, money is tight and can't afford psychotherapy. If you know of any other free resources to help me it would be great.
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There is a program here in New Zealand that is said to help people with depression.  I haven't been able to access it due to our slow internet connection.  The website is: www.depression.org.nz (or something similar).

The previous expert on the mental health expert forum developed a program which is said to be affordable.  I think he may have some free sessions too.  The website is: www.myvirtualshrink.com or conversely he has another website based on emotional eating which has insightful blogs and a newsletter which is free.  That could be worth looking at.  www.shrinkyourself.com.

You could try your local library as well for books and other resources.

If in the States people often mention low-fee or zero-fee clinics.  You might like to look into this one.
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Hi Nelly:
I also suffer from ruminating depressive thoughts.  I really believe that if you can find the medication that works...you will feel better.  Certain medications (explained to me by my doctor), work better than others for people that are obsessive compulsive thinkers.
Lexapro....and Celexa (Celexa is also known as Cymbalta)....are really good for this disorder.  I liked Celexa the best....they really do work....You could just need a different medication and as Jac mentioned....some free therapy.
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