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Prozac early side effects

Hi all, I won't go into my very long story. I have just started Fluoxetine a few days ago, which I have already had some nightmares and loss of appetite from. I know they say it takes at least two weeks to kick in but I was taking St John's wort prior to this (my doc knew of this) My serotonin levels were extremely low. I was weepy but not depressed, well, maybe a bit around period time!
Anyways, I have since found out the generic is Fluoxetine but the trade name is Prozac. I didn't realise it was that and would never have taken it!
Has anyone else had any nightmares or similar when first starting it? I need to let y doc know of this.
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Going to my doc 2 weeks after starting my Prozac. I have had really really strange dreams! Like my ex sister-in-law coming out of a fireplace with rain falling on her and she isn't even wet! I don't own a fireplace in reality! Weird.
   At least the weepiness seems to have stopped, but then again I am mid cycle and never get weepy then. Only in the days before my period.
Have noticed I am a bit manic. Don't seem to be able to shut up talking. Then again, I WAS like that before my serotonin levels fell!
  Anyways, just bumping this up in case anyone has missed seeing my post.
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I foun d Prozac did not suit me at all.  In fact I got a lot worse, and asked to be taken off it after four weeks.  Some medications suit some and not others.  Matter of trial and error I am afraid.  I have tried quite a few anti-depressants in my time.  
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Prozac is known to cause very vivid dreams and is more energetic than some of the other anti depressants.
I always get a sort of nervous energy before it kicks in and works right.
I also have pretty bad dreams until it starts working. After it starts working I have a lot of dreams, but not bad ones.
Prozac works for me and has no side effects other than weird dreams.
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