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Prozac - side effects?

I've been taking Prozac for a little while now, I was wondering what is going on with some of the side effects and if they are serious.

Weight Gain - my self-esteem has gone down a bit from it, My weight is still the same, but my stomach and thighs seem to be bloating - if that makes any sense.

Shaking - I shake involuntarily, mostly my hands. I also sometimes get full body twitches. My legs are also moving alot more when I'm sitting down for long periods of time.  

Anyone have any advice?

* I'm 18 years old
** I have server Depression, symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, A.D.D, Anxiety, PMDD and Body Dismorphic Disorder.
*** I am currently taking Strattera, Prozac, Yazmin (birth control), D3 (vitamins) and every once in a while vastarel.
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Bloating can be a side effect of Prozac as it can cause intestinal swelling. The shakes may be a side effect as well.

If you're 18, your hips are naturally going to become larger. Nothing to worry about.

Get off the Yasmin if you can, unless you have to take it for some medical reason other than you don't want to become pregnant. In my opinion, that stuff is bad news. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drospirenone#Adverse_effects)

Best bet is to talk to your doctor about the side effects, though, if they're bothering you or they get worse.
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I took Prozac for a couple years, I did gain weight and honestly they made me feel like a total zombie. I had no emotion no matter what environment I was in. It works for some people but if its not working for you, you can try something else, but talk to your doctor about it. There are tons of anti depressants out there.
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Two questions about side effects of Prozac together.  I have just answered above.  I would say see doctor and discuss how you are feeling.  Maybe, like me, Prozac is the wrong anti-depressant for you.
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it gives me twitches, and makes me forgetful.  Everyone I know who takes it has a ring of calcium like plaque in their toilets. If its doing that to my toilet, what's it doing to my body?
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