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I've been taking Prozac for almost three weeks now. When I first started taking it I felt great, aside from the side effects. Now I'm not so sure. Sometimes I feel really really depressed and anxious and then the next I feel great again. I feel like a robot sometimes too. My anxiety basically disappeared, I didn't have a panic attack for two weeks and now it's back and it's bad. I feel REALLY REALLY REALLY strong urges to cut again. I wouldn't say I'm suicidal, but I'm getting to that point again.

I have another appointment with my doctor February 8th and I'm seeing my therapist this weekend. Should I call my doctor and tell her about what's been happening, or should I just wait until I see her again in February.
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Please call your Dr and tell him. I started feeling really crazy on prozac too. Turns out I just needed a little lower dose. Also try to make a list of things u used to love before you felt sad. This might help u feel better about the potential of being happy. Finally, when I get like this I get up and do 100 jumping jacks. I know it sounds nuts but u start to focus on your legs burning and not the depression. If 100 doesn't make u tired set a goal that will. Also tell anyone all your thoughts.write it here. U will get responses from ppl just like u.
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I thought you all should know how bad Prozac can really be. I have been depressed almost my whole life and was originally on Lexapro but it just wasn't doing it. My dr. switched me to Prozac and i was on prozac for about 2 months. That's when things got really bad I was having crazy suicidal thoughts and violent out bursts. I didn't know why! I am a very nice person and usually stay at home. One night i attempted suicide and had to be rushed to the ER. While I was in the mental health ward my amazing therapist came to visit me and she had done some research on Prozac.

The FDA has actually linked prozac to many violent acts causing people to be put in jail, making depressing worse to the point of death and even worse sever birth defects. I couldn't believe it. Prozac is supposed to be helping people not make them worse!

On a happier note i am back to normal for me at least. I am not in the middle of a law suit against prozac along with thousands of other people. My therapist has been very supportive even finding my this free lawsuit referral site- referer.us/7/FkVbM1.

They have been extremely helpful! Hope i could help. Prozac might owe you too! make sure you do something before the class action lawsuit expires though.
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