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I was wanting to get some input from some people who have tried prozac. Have you tried it, if so what was your experience with it, benefits, side effects, etc?
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I have taken Prozac for about two years. The main side effects I've noticed were initial insomnia and some facial swelling. Anytime I've gone down I have had some weird dreams. I just recently went up in meds and my face is puffy so that's annoying. Other than that Prozac has been a great drug for me. PM me if you want
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Thank you for your reply. I just got off of luvox due to headaches, seeing spots, and nausea. I go to see my psychiatrist on the 12th and thought about asking him about prozac.  
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Been on Prozac for about a year and a half now. The first few weeks after I started taking it, I felt a little manic, but then leveled off. But I was still having depressive episodes from time to time. It took several months for it to work completely. But now it seems I am going through what's called "Prozac Poop-Out" where it stops working. At first I was having depressive episodes every now and then, but now it's turning back into a daily thing. :(
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I was on Prozac about 13 years ago I was on it for about 15 years and only on 20 mg and it worked so good for so long then it did not work very well tried upping the dosage, nope so I went off and tried every other antidepressant, nothing ever worked as well, so after several years I went back on it, it was ok but never the same, if it works for you, I would with the doctors advise, to take breaks from it every so often what ever your doctor thinks.  I am on my 6th day of Fetzima hoping it will help. I guess I should be grateful Prozac worked as long as it did. I think someone said either on here or some where on the www that Prozac either works good for you or not at all. I kinda believe that but as always MOO
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Sorry, I did not have any side effect from it. And believe it or not it started working in a couple days, that is not the normal time frame, but I could see a huge difference I will not go in to it, as it is to long. good luck
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Thank you for your reply. That is just sad that it could quit working. I will keep that in mind thank you.
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