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Psychiatrist thinks amphetamine is my only hope

I have been on SSRIs over the years and recently effexor. all were helpful but eventually pooped out. This past year I had a major episode, partly caused by a death in my family. I was having a hard time even getting off the sofa and have been off work for 9 months. I had been on Paxil, which the sme doc prescribed, but not much help from it. Last month he suggested we try adderral. I can see how it is effective for some people, but not for a recovered alcoholic/addict - I cant take it as prescribed. I've asked to try wellbutrin and he is convinced it wont do me any good.
So Im between a rock and a ard place. I have to admit I like the drug, but realize I like it for the wrong reasons.

anyone else with depression and addiction have success with this?
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Hello there,

The long-term solution i recommend is a healthy diet, vitamins/minerals supplements. It might sounds too easy or too simple but it really matters. Studies are telling that depression can occur when your having  B3, B6, B12 deficiencies, especially B6 ( pyridoxine ). Doctors of course are not nutritionist or biochemist so they don't tell you the importance of a healthy diet and good vitamins/minerals intake. I had depression and as soon as i changed my diet and taking vitamins supplements i could see some impressive results only 1 week after healthy lifestyle. You must also consider daily exercise ( even a 30 min walk can do it ) to promote good hormones balance and the releases of critical hormones for healthy mental and physical well being.

You mentioned that you like the drugs, start to like the natural drugs that are essential for well being and by natural drugs i mean vitamins supplements. So basically you need a healthy diet and a vitamins B complex and a good vitamin C ( 1,000mg with calcium ) and you will see improvement to your condition and general well being.

If you want more information about all of this i recommend you read one of my post that is talking about this issue. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Depression/Knowledge-for-Depressive-People/show/1127539

Best regards,
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Thanks for the info. You're taking 60mg Cymbalta though?
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I take Cymbalta for my nerves pain due to irritation of the nerves passing thru the suboccipital triangle resulting in pressure pain in the back of my head, scalp, forehead and bridge of the nose ( neuralgia ). Very annoying. The injury is 7 month old and i can't take it anymore that's so i added Lyrica too today to hope for a complete relief or at least less debilitating pain. Going into physiotherapy and i'll try a TENS... I wasn't able to self-treat myself.

Anyway if you want a good anti-depressor i really suggest you follow my instruction above and in the link a provided and take Cymbalta. It's expansive but if you never tried it you must try it. You tried Effexor which is also a SNRI but Cymbalta from my point of view is better. Anyway one drug doesn't fit all... But one thing I'm sure is that you can improve your situation with healthy diet, vitamins/minerals and exercise and I'm 100% sure. It is a life-saver for me and my mom got cancer ans since she's on my diet and vitamins/minerals and extra C she's is feeling way better ( she's got a stage 4 terminal lung cancer with 2 metastases in the brain that seems to be under control via radiotherapy she did. Did you know very high dosage of vitamin C in IV directly in the blood can have the same benefits of chemotherapy without affecting healthy cells? But that's one thing the pharmaceutical industry don't want to hear cause there no money to make with vitamins and their lobbying is powerful... Anyway keep it mind that you need vitamins and minerals with supplement cause all the food we eat is processed and we cook it and there are a lot of people who are not eating healthy. Our vegetables are pesticides bombarded etc... Everything for more profits rather than healthy population. No wonder why mental and physical disorders are climbing up. We are what we eat. If you eat junk food all the time then you will be a junk someday and have dramatic increase in cardiovascular diseases and cancer ( especially colorectal cancers. We can improve our chance of not gettin such diseases with good lifestyle habits ( about 80% is prevented with healthy diet and lifestyle habits ). Japan have a very low cancer rates and it's all due to their diet rich in polyphenols and antioxidant. They also eat a lot of raw product which is extremely good as it doesn't break down the enzymes in the food you break when cooking it.

One thing i learned from biology, biochemistry and neurobiology is that nutrition is very important for the mind and body ( the mind/brain work in correlation with the body so it's not hard to understand the important of keeping a healthy body to keep a healthy mind. ) to work properly. I could talk hours on the subject but i'll end this by adding that exercise is also critical for balancing your hormones just like diet does but it affects different hormones.

We are what we eat and do.

Best of luck,

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