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Psychotherapy And Depression

Is psychotherapy  efficient in the treatment of depression?
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Yes, it can be very effective. So much depends on the degree of depression, your symptoms, and most importantly, the psychotherapist.

Good luck...
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I did some reserach on your question, and found this answer which I hope provides you some food for thought:

"The efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatments specific to depressive mood disorder has been shown to be comparable to that of pharmacologic treatments in alleviating symptoms. In addition, these therapies reduce residual psychosocial impairments, improve psychosocial function, and prevent depression relapse. Depression-specific psychotherapeutic approaches include cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, behavioral, and short-term dynamic therapies, which are often integrated in clinical practice. The effectiveness of depression-specific psychotherapy can be enhanced by medical-psychotherapeutic collaboration and use of guided self-directed change efforts, marital or family therapy, and participation in therapy groups. A coordinated program of care combining the benefits of pharmacologic and psychosocial interventions and drawing on the expertise of physicians and psychotherapists is recommended for the treatment of depression."

Good luck...
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I think it is somewhat effective for Mild to moderate forms of Depression and Anxiety.

I question how effective it is at treating Severe forms of Depressive dissorder that are cause by Bio-Chemical imbalances in the brain.

I have spent many years in therapy, and in my case while I have learned a lot about myself and the people with whom I share my life with, it has done little to nothing in terms of eleviating my severe symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

Only medication has worked to ease the severity of my symptoms.

I am sure that for people that suffer from the kind of depression that is caused by major life trama, that Talk therapy can be a very effective tool.

In my case I have never suffered a tramatic experience in my entire life, yet my brain wants to be depressed anyway. That's why meds work best for me.
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Great answer, as always....and so true....
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IMHO psychotherapy is effective in treating depression if you trust and feel safe with your therapist.  The success of psychotherapy varies from one person to another.  Some have talk therapy only; some have talk therapy and anti-depressants.  That is something you will find out by experience and by the responses to your question.

I don't know where you are located but where I am there is no governing or regulatory organizations for psychotherapists.  There are such things for psychologists, social workers, etc. but pretty much anyone can call himself/herself a psychotherapist.  I learned that the hard way = (

However, the therapists I had the most success with were the ones I felt safe with and who respected confidentiality.

If you're looking for a therapist, I hope you find a good one  = )

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