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QUIT EFFEXOR XR 37.5mg cold turkey

I have been off of it 2 days now..havent talked to doctor....just quit it cold turkey...could you die if you quit it cold turkey??
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I dont know the answer to that question Crazygirl,, but I do know withdrawls can make you very very uncomfortable.. as far as Im aware just quitting wont kill you, but it may make you a danger to yourself or others to just stop taking them without tapering.

There are multiple effexor threads here that you should read just to get a better idea of how others have reacted, but remeber each person is an indivual and your experince may be quite different.

*Bows with respect*      Jenn
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you should talk to your doctor,,, what you choose to do is up to you,, but your doctor can help guide you through the withdrawl process if it becomes to uncomfortable.
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37.5 m? not familiar with that low of a dosage or do mean 375m generally they come at 75 and 150m

If it is in fact that low of a dose you may be ok on your own. I do not know of any instances where the withdrawals alone have caused death. However I do know from my own experience, and remember EVERY  ONE'S BRAIN AND IT'S CHEMISTRY is DIFFERENT, that within 24 to 48 hrs without it (I am on 375m) I begin crying over every and anything, all of the unresolved issues and various trauma becomes magnified, and soom I am on a non stop crying jag among other nasty symptoms, after 3 days my mind becomes very, very confused and I get extremely agitated, among the physical syptoms, extreme diarrea, neausea, sweating, shaking uncontrollably.

The biggest danger I can see is not the withdrawals themself causing death, but having such a massive and uncontrollable sorrow and depression come on so fast and so strong, may tend to make one suicidal.

Please do not smply go it alone on this, if you do not want to have your Doc help, them have a very good and aware friend with you so that you can keep safe in regards to suicide. I cannot stress this enough to you, your life is valuable an you are needed right here, no matter what you may feel or think in that black hole. SO I BEG OF YOU, DO NOT GO IT ALONE, OK???
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