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Question about wellbutrin...

How does it compare to celexor, effexor, lexapro, zolof, and paxil when it comes to side effects? I've tried all of those and they made me feel horrible like I was on a bad drug or in my case I can compare it to w/d-ing from opiates...
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i've been on effexor.  it made me very anxious and more depressed.  do you mean celexa?  i've been on that too.  it wasn't great.  i'm on lexapro now and it is going ok so far.  before lexapro, i was taking wellbutrin.  wellbutrin worked well for my depression, but made me have extreme mood swings and irritibility like you wouldn't believe.  but i was so busy being pissed off that i didn't feel depressed.  wellbutrin was the only one of the meds i tried that made me feel like that.  i felt CRAZY.

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Oh great, haha yea all the other ones seriously made me feel horrible like I was going through w.d's and I was thinking about trying wellbutrin why the hell not, but I already have massive mood swings i'm female, haha also I have thyroid which makes me have mood swings. Ugh this sucks anything you do to try to avoid being depressed? My b/f looked at me and yesterday and was like wanna go for a ride NO I DON'T WANNA GO FOR A F-ING RIDE IF I DID I WOULD HAVE DRIVEN TO WORK, lol gawd I'm losing my mind.
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I take WellbutrinXL 450mg and at that dose it works for me.  I was taking 300mg but it stopped working.  I would try WellbutrinXL.  Not too many side effects.
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well stuff works differently for everyone.  why not give it a try?
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I started taking Wellbutrin XL just 2 weeks ago and don't notice too many changes yet. A bit jittery and some weight loss--is this "normal" on this medicine?  I've read tons of blogs that people lose a lot of weight on this. Thanks!
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my dr told me this is an appetite suppressant so i think slight weight loss might be normal for wellbutrin.  
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