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Recreational drugs with prescription

My friend is on welbutrin, what are the possible side effects or serious problems if any, could come from him taking MDMA, marijuana and/or drinking?
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Not sure what MDMA is, but I can tell you for fact that smoking pot and drinking are about the worst things you can do if you suffer from major depression and anxiety.

Alcohol is a depressant which often exaserbates depression. While many people claim that Marijuana relaxes them, in fact it actually does the opposite. Marijuana is actually classifies as a stimulant. It raises blood pressure and heart rate.

Will he have any physical adverse reaction from taking these drugs and also taking Wekbutrin? Well, maybe and maybe not, but he will most likely have some mental adverse reactions by mixing all of them together. It's just a matter of how long and when.
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MDMA is Ecstacy. Thank you for your comment.
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Ahh, good ole Ecstacy. Don't even get me started on that drug.

Frequent or high doses have been linked to neurotoxic damage.
The big problem with Ecstacy is that it causes a rush of Serotonin in the brain. ( 100 times more than any antidepressant medication does ) the problem with this action in such an extreem manner is that after repeated use, your brain eventually stops producing very important neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, and Neurephineferine. The result is severe depression that can often be so bad that even powerful antidepressant medications can not return brain function back to normal.

Ecstacy is about the very worst drug one can take if they alreay suffering from Depression and anxiety.

There is now a ton of studies that point to Ecstacy as being a very serious contributor to Depression and anxiety related illnesses.
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How about xanax? It can harm?
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What is neurotoxic damage? After just one time?
Shurup - What is Xanax?
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Hensley258, is it true a persons heart can stop with that combo?  Would it be due to the increase in heart rate?
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I should clarify.... I'm not saying that you or anyone could develop Neurotoxic damage from a one time or even light use of Ecstacy.

I'm just saying that lab studies indicate that, "habitual usage" over long periods can cause Neurotoxic damage.

The thing with Ecstacy that is really scary is the fact that in some cases it is cut with other drugs that you may not want to take.
People who manufacture Ecstacy sometimes cut this drug with other drugs such as PCP and LSD.

If you end up getting some Ecstacy that has been cut with PCP or LSD, then it's gonna be a real long weekend for the poor sucker that takes it. This stuff is not like legal prescription medication. It's manufacturing process is not regulated. Basically your taking a drug that was probably made my some old hippie in his basement. I don't know about you, but I prefer not to take the chance of going on a PCP or LSD trip for 72 hours streight because some dude decided it would be a good idea to lace his batch of Ecstacy with a powerful drug like LSD.

Many years ago, a friend talked me into taking LSD with him and OMG! It was the worst 2 days of my life! I pretty much went insane for about 36 hours. Not a ride I prefer to take again.

I have not heard of anyones heart stopping due to taking Ecstacy, but I'm sure if you took enough at one time it could. It can raise blood pressure way too high for some people. There is a ton of scientific info regarding Ecstacy on the web. Just Google it and you can find all kinds of professional studies regarding it.

Xanax is just the brand name for Alazopram. It's a benzodiaziphine. Most commonly used to treat panic dissorder and elivated anxiety. A very useful medication for the short term, but better if not taken over long periods, simply because it can be habbit forming and can sometimes exaserbate Depression.
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Ya I have looked up a lot of info about Ecstacy online.  I just dunno what to do about changing my friends mind.  I know he was talking to some other friends about having a party and he had wanted to try the "E" as some of his friends had done it already so they said they would bring it but of course, we will all be drinking at the party (I will be there) and we may smoke weed as well but with him if he does all three or even just two (1 being "E"), I am worried something really bad will happen to him.  I dont know a lot about drugs or mixing which is obviously why Im writing on here to find out!! lol  Like I said as if "e" is not bad enough, mixing with alcohol and weed sounds like a killer combo already but he is also taking welbutrin and I think the Alazopram or something similar as well!  Im just worried he might die from this, what do you think and what can I do? Thank you sooo much for all your info and advice, its really nice of you to take the time.  Also what is an LSD or PCP?
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LSD is (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) it is a synthetic (man-made) drug that has been abused for its hallucinogenic properties since the 1960s. It is illigal to produce and sell.

LSD is an extreemly powerful mind altering drug. It is most often sold in the form of a super tiny square of paper. About 1/4 the size of your finger nail. The tiny squares of paper are given a drop or two of the drug which is in a liquid form.

Trust me! I know from direct experience. If you take even one drop or "hit" of LSD then you will go on a ride that is so intense and terrifiying that I have not words to describe it.
If anyone EVER offeres it to you then don't take it!

PCP (phencyclidine) was developed back in the 50's for use as a Traqualizer, but it was later found that it caused patients to suffer severe Parinoia, and agitation so it was no longer used in the medical feild. PCP is also a mind altering drug that often causes Skizophrenic type behavior in the user. I've never taken it and never would, but my friend once did back in 89 and said it was a real nasty and scary high.

So now you know what they are and you can tell your friend that there have been reports of both these drugs being added to Ecstacy during it's manufacture. If he's un-lucky enough to get some Ecstacy that has been cut with LSD or PCP (and it does happen) then tell him not to make any plans for the next couple weeks, because he will be spending that time in a total state of insanity that will overwhelm him with terror.

I'm just saying it is possible. 95% of the time when a young person tries Ecstacy and smokes a little weed with it and maybe has a few beers, then he or she is fine and will not die or get hurt. Problem is that about 5% of the time they can have a bad experience by doing this depending on the person and what the Ecstacy was cut with. Not a roll of the dice that I'm willing to take with my mental health.

These drugs are nothing to screw around with if you value your mental health. In some people thay can cause or trigger lasting anxiety and depression or even worse.
Don't even be around people that are taking drugs like that. You never know, one of them could slip some in your drink without knowing. It's just too risky to play around with.

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