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Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I am 35 years old and have been on and off medication since I was 20 years old ( mainly down to me thinking I'm better and coming of med) I have been back on medication now for 2 years with a few changes to try and find something that suits me as I also suffer with pain attacks. The medication I currently take is cymbalta 60mg daily, how ever after being on it for 6 months now I don't feel any better. I seem to have days where I can stop cleaning, washing and thing just to keep me busy and am very happy, then for no reason I will just wish I was dead, feel useless, everyone better off without me, hate myself, want to sleep but still feel tried I flip out over the smallest thing and just can't cope, then be fine again. Ended up at the hospital on Monday night husband didn't know what to do with me, crying and shaking uncontrollable and had 2 massive panic attacks. Hospital just seemed like they couldn't be bother. Have I diagnosed correctly as this feels like more then just depression and am desperate to get the right help and not feel like this anymore. Any help would be gratefully received .
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Hello there.  I am so sorry you are feeling so bad.  I think you should have a talk with your doctor and describe how you feel.  Perhaps the medication is no working for you.  You obviously know you have depression, and have been prescribed medication.  Sure sounds like me when I have depression.

You also have panic attacks and anxiety, so a lot to deal with.  Often the three go together.  I am on a medication that has got rid of all three, and after 20 years with mood disorders, I feel ready to see if I can do without.

Please see your doctor.
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looks like bipolar disorder  .. needs mood stabiliser .. pls urgently discuss with doctor  .. read on internet too bipolar 1 and 2  and even rapid cycling bipolar  (im not a professional but pls discuss  as if it is mood stabiliser can be life saving )  
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