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Ritalin, how quickly does it take effect?

My dr has just decided to put me on ritalin, after trying many many other drugs plus ect, for my treatment resistant depression. My question is how quickly will I know if it works? Do I get immediate benefits from it or is it a gradual approach? For example, if I take a tablet at 9am, do I feel more energetic for that morning and then wears off by bedtime? I hope I'm making sence! Thank you for your help.
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I have never taken it but I found this information:

Most people suffering from attention deficit disorder, or ADD, take Ritalin orally in the form of capsules or tablets that they swallow first thing in the morning. One form of Ritalin releases immediately into the body and usually begins working within one hour of taking an effective dose. The effect of the medicine normally lasts for three to four hours, depending on a person's metabolism. The dose usually needs to be repeated a couple of times throughout the day for lasting coverage. The time-release form is taken once a day and can take up to two hours to show therapeutic benefit. Once the body begins absorbing the medicine, control over ADD or narcolepsy symptoms can last up to 12 hours

Read more: How Does Ritalin Work? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4597399_ritalin-work_.html#ixzz2PuF8k3Vr
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Thanks bubulous, that does help a bit.
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