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SAD - What to do?

I have been doing so well without my anti depressants for over a year, and pleased with myself.  However here in UK weather cold and wet and I am getting to feel down.  I am so disappointed and wonder if it is just Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD and I will feel better when spring comes.

I don't want to go back on medication and am taking lost of supplements.  I cannot afford a light box.  I walk in daylight when up to it, as read it helps to get light into eyes.  I have read everything I can on it.  Trying to help myself, but motivation, which I had a lot of, dwindling daily, and sleeping badly.

Hurry up spring.  I have winter.
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I don't know if rtms is available in your country and that's the best treatment for depression if you intolerant to drugs
Just google rtms
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Have you tried melatonin?
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I feel your pain.. Here in the USA it is the same... I spend my days, doing laundry (getting exercise going between the 2nd floor and the basement), visit a friend. It has to be a very conscience effort to do things even if you don't want to. Find a hobby, seek a counselor. I just recently had a break down last week, saw my dr and told him the same thing, "NO MEDS". I have not been on any in a very long time. One thing that helps (and it is very expensive is to find out if you suffer from Irlen )... Irlen lenses can help people with many different issues without the need for more medication...
The best way I can explain my glasses, was the first tiem I put them on, I cried of happiness, it was the first time I had felt "normal". recently I had been really anxious, irritable, and depressed all over again and went to the diagnostician and the colors needed to be tweaked (I also wear them for reading, migraines and perception problems), but I feel so much better today after wearing them.. Something to think about. I also have to force myself to get out of bed, exercise (dogs are great- they make you take them for walks), cleaning the house is something that I never cared to do, but I love it now... keeps me busy... hot relaxing baths and crafts...
Think of thinks that make you happy and do them.. :) Good luck.. :)
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Hello, thank you for you message.  I have never heard of Irlen lenses but will look them up.  Always something new to learn.  So glad they have helped you.  Wow.  

When extremely depressed I did have dogs to walk, but sadly two rescue dogs had problems and last one went blind and became aggressive, and I had to make awful decision to have him put to sleep.  Cannot bear to get another.  Have a cat now, and he is lovely company.  I just go for walks by myself now!

No I don't like housework either, and only do it now and again.  Anyway I live alone.  I belong to a senior citizen group and go to quite a few activities, I go for outings by bus and coach, so I do not sit around house much.  Just have to cope as best I can.  It is the not sleeping well which is worse, but hey I am old.  Had depression for over 20 years so not a stranger to feeling low.  Just sometimes I have a really bad day, but good ones make up for it.

Sorry to moan.  When I cam on this site 5 years ago I was so very low, but a lot better now thanks to all the kind people on this site.

Take care
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i know you said you cannot afford a light box, but i have one from an online retailer and it does wonders.  i did save for it and that was worth while saving for.

while you are sitting in front of the light box, you can read, watch videos, chat with Facebook friends and in 20 to 30 minutes the light shuts off. I journal and read most days in front of it and after reading my journals before the light box and after, i can really see the difference.

sometimes with depression we think that life is just the way it is and nothing will ever make it better so why bother trying...Recovering from depression always takes work, lots of hard work in most cases.
I am wondering if you have a depression support group you can meet with or have a sponsor you can call on a daily or weekly basis...

Wishing you the very best.

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This might make you chuckle.  I had two pets.  A sled dog type that really got me out and about and a cat I found (as a kitten) on the highway.   Kitty was raised by the 2 dogs I had then and is very affectionate and smart.   My dog died and we were both devistated.  I couldn't sleep and kit was apparently in the same fix.   Spending a week awake at night looking at each other...  Well I became very depressed.  I've since went to the Doctor and am doing therapy and meds.  Its all working out quite well.  

So - the part to chuckle about.   I had the brilliant idea that while cats are not keen on going for walks - why not just unzip the jacket and let kitty go along for a ride while your out and about?   Its quite cold here so this seemed like a particularly bright idea on my part.   Kitty seemed very pleased to be inside my old jacket (When I weighed significantly more - thus a nice fit) then.... a truck (Lorry to you UK folk)  drove by.   Suddenly Kitty is not at all happy.  *Remember I found her on the Highway.   I try to calm my cat down and learn that you don't want to let this cat become frightened.  So - after I threw away the jacket (Its just too difficult to remove the smell of cat urine) I decided it might be better to let my Daughter get a puppy.

Have you had your Vit D tested?   That seems to help a bit if your dealing with SAD
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Thank you.  That is interesting.  I am not too bad at the moment.  As I have had  depression for a very long time I have been to countless counsellors, psychiatrists, and been on many different medications.  I suppose I have learned to live with it.

I have attended groups in the past and had a visiting psychiatric nurse.  Not as bad as I was then, so I think I am lucky I can cope daily.

You are very kind, thank you
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Oh thank you, yes walking the cat did make me chuckle.  I love cats and dogs.  I brought a dog home once and the cat left but 15 months later I got a call, because she had a chip.  She had jumped over the fence and taken up residence with a neighbour behind.  I had her rehomes to somewhere without dogs as she was a very nervous rescue cat.

I am now taking Vitamin D tablets as someone else suggested that.  I do take other supplements too.

You have cheered me up.  Thanks
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Aw, dear Maddie, I'm so sorry you're feeling down.  This time of year is HARD!  I definitely see changes in my mood and overall outlook, especially when it's pitch black nighttime at 5 pm!  

It sounds like you're doing everything you should be, as far as getting yourself out and pushing yourself.  I think looking into a way to try to obtain the light box would be great.  It's a shame something like that isn't available to rent short term, after all, I'm assuming you really only need to use it in the winter months?  I don't know a lot about it.

MYAH....how much is a light box, approx?  You've got my curiosity peaked.  How often do you use it, and how quickly do you feel a difference?

You know we're here for you Maddie.  I got a chuckle out of the "walking the cat" story too, thanks James!  :0)
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When experiencing signs of depression encompass yourself with things
that you appreciate doing and hobbies you like. This will take your thoughts off what is unpleasant to you and help you concentrate on the beneficial items in your lifestyle.

Make sure you are getting enough Vitamin B in your diet if you have become depressed or upset. Having a lack of Vitamin B can cause despression and symptoms to act up. Meals like green veggies, legumes, egg, and poultry have Vitamin B. Also, there are products that you can take that contain this vitamin.

If you know what's making you frustrated and upset, you have to work on modifying factors in your lifestyle. For example, if you think that you are not in the best form and is makes you experience sadness, then do something to modify that to create a experience that is better for yourself. Get on an workout system and don�t be afraid to get out there.

Try to prevent other depressed types of individuals. If you are down in the dumps than it is likely that you already have a not so good lifestyle and by associating with other individuals like this, you will only nourish into your own pessimism. Concentrate on discovering individuals with high moods and good spirits.

If you are a mother or father, and you begin to experience a round of depression signs coming on try to find a way for your kids to not be around you. If they are mature, you can keep them home alone, but if they are young kids, you should have a good buddy on stand by to look after them during your low states.

Depression is often cyclical. If you start writing down on the calendar when your depression strikes, you may even be able to prediction when the next painful down will come. This can help you significantly as you will be able of get ready for what is to come.

If you are suffering from depression, there is no better way to fight those ideas than to start dancing. This will get your whole body shifting and get the blood flowing through your whole body and to the mind. Although when frustrated working out is not attractive to you, get up anyway, turn on your favorite song and move. Your whole body, spirit, and thoughts will be more satisfied for it.

One of the best factors frustrated individuals can do is to learn appreciation. Being grateful for the beneficial factors that you have in your lifestyle, in evaluation to those that are less lucky, will create an appreciation for what you have, instead of residing on the factors that you don't have.

Even in the middle of a depressive show, you can handle your action level and your lifestyle, even. By using the guidance offered here, you can have a more beneficial perspective about attaining your objectives. Use all of this information to evade signs of despression and begin experiencing your lifestyle again.
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I just wanted to post an update.   I saw a PDoc at my GDocs suggestion.  He talked a lot about the value of Vit D and measuring levels to set a dose that is useful.  I had been taking 400 units.   Now after labs and some fiddling around I take 5000 Units!  Wow - I was really off.  Science is when you can measure things.  Voodoo is everything else.  Re Depression:  My 3 part solution is this.   Talking to someone about it (Secret Depression is WAY bad)  Talk to someone who swears a hippa oath if your concerned about stigma and so on.  Talk to your GDoc about meds to help you cope while you do the third thing which is to see a TDoc.   Last - look up good friend(s) and spend some time with them.  That one lifts the cloud of doom in even the worst case (For me)  *If your in a band make up some lyrics that you can vent frustrations to.   YAA!!!!  ;-)  *Drumming is good too.
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