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ive had bad anxiety and depression for months,i also have not slept well in months

i recently was prescribed a drug from my psychiatrist that knocks me out from 10at night till 7 in the morning.

i feel sooooo much better,

im certain many of my problems were because i had not slept well in a long time. even tho my sleep is now medicated, my days are much better.my feelings are balanced and healthy.

if your not sleeping well id like to sujjest you get something that will MAKE you sleep, and take it for at least 10 nights in a row.

i hope it helps.

sleep deprivation has very similar symptoms as depression and anxiety.

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  good for you!! .I am so glad you are getting your sleep and feeling better.I go to sleep myself but I dont stay asleep.I am going to talk to my doc about lunesta.
Love Venora
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sleep??? what's that?

Well I either don't sleep for days or when I do crash I still wake up every 3-4 hours just to toss and turn.  Still too tired to get up drift back off and do it again in another 3-4 hours.

Right now I'm in no sleep mode. Hoping I'll turn around by X-mas eve so I'll be able to enjoy the family on X-mas day.
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What is the name of the drug your doctor prescribed that helped you sleep?  Thanks  
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