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I keep asking the same thing.  Every morning I wake up i cry uncontrollably.  I cant stop.  I have to take an anti-anxiety pill and it doesnt help.  EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life.  I honestly dont know how a human being can be this sad.  I really am at wits end. I cant get an appointment with my dr but every two weeks.  I need to see her weekly or daily. I am going crazy.  I have bad thoughts all of the time, I honestly cant exist forever in this state, I feel so  hopeless :(  I know you guys have told me it will pass. WHEN??? I cant take it.
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If you're suffering from depression and not anxiety, that pill is just sedating you even more and making you sadder.  Have you started with that therapist yet?  Because therapy is usually at least once a week.  In the meantime, do you exercise?  Do you do things that are fun?  Ever tried meditation?  Try to break the pattern sometimes.  
I see a therapist once a week.  i have been trying to exercise. I suffer from both depression and anxiety.  
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When I went through my post partum depression that's how I felt...It was to the point I wouldn't get out of bed for days at a time I was hospitalized twice but the last I went I kept all my paperwork from the classes and occasionally when I start noticing I'm spiralling back down I look back at the and change my routine to something on my list that helps talking to someone helps finding a hobby to keep ur mind busy is also best keep your self pampered is key you have to take care of yourself physically do your hair even if u don't feel like do ur make up dress up personally I always laughed when people told me to do those things but they do help some what...
I have had clinical depression most of my adult life. It has been severe at times and then has gotten better.  This seems like the worst its been EVER! it probably is due to the codeine use.  I do get up and function but it is like i have to "put on a happy appearance" and inside I am dying.  I have been taking advise and getting outside.Taking a walk. I have taken some vitamins but i think I will go to the store and get more as I have read on here that magnesium and B12 help.   I have a therapist, so I do have someone to talk to.  At times i feel I do need to go into the hospital.  When you went into the hospital did you go ito the psych ward?  i was in there once and it was the most horrific experience.  i cant do that again.  Thanks for your advise.  It is appreciated. I will try the things you suggested.  Every little bit of advise helps.
Also i do see a therapist once a week.  Not sure if its helping or not.
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That's good I've learned with depression u have to switch up things every once in a while...I was only because I attempted suicide twice the first time it was really scary for me as my roommate was schizophrenic and she had her freak out at times...Idk what state your in but I believe u can actually kinda request the type of place u want either at a psych ward or mental hospital they I was told there is a difference but then again I'm not a Dr just went through a hard time.....The Good thing is ur therapist has the knowledge to help u best so anything about your mental state don't hold back because there are chances that it can get worse if not taken care of...Idk what type of person u are but if u have alot of pride like I did try and learn to ask for help that was my big issue lol..Best of luck and I hope u can find something that can get u out of that spiral it's a pain in the *** to deal with but it is manageable and if u do what works for u it can just go away for a while
Thank you!  i had the first day today that I havent cried yet.  It is 4:30 and by this time normally I would have cried a multitude of times.  I do see my dr next Thursday and I see the therapist weekly.  she has switched up my meds so many times but I think I want back on the pamelor i took from the very beginning.  She seems to think that is an older one and not helping me.  Every time in the past they tried to take the pamelor away it got worse. EVERY TIME!!  I think she can add to but never take it completely away. I will tell her that on Thursday.  I also had something called a "gene sight" test that is supposed to take your dna and guide the doctor in what medications you may need.  Hopefully we will get some sort of answer from that.  It may take several weeks for that to come back.  :/  Thanks for your kindness.
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Good..Hope u the best of luck:)
The crying is back :( i need to see my doctor once a week.  Or I need a new doctor.  I cry most EVERY day. Yesterday was a good day.  I did end up getting sad in the evening.  Today it started as soon as I got up.  I dont have an appointment till next Thursday.  I am trying to take everyones advise.  I've been taking a walk everyday.  Trying to get outside.  Its sunny today.  I do things to try to keep busy.  I am very involved in my church.  But when i am sad, things that usually are fun, dont seem fun.  I'm trying to force myself.
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It's a nice thing though that you were able to share your thoughts to anyone specially your feeling of depression and anxiety. There are many cases already that people cannot take their situation anymore and committing suicide is their hopeless way out. But, there is really more to life. You really need to help yourself and there are so many people who are very much willing to help you in cases like this. I've been in a post partum depression as well and its really a bad feeling. There are times that I felt like I am alone and there's no one to help me with my situation. Times that I felt sad and I just end up crying. I know its normal specially days after giving birth but I felt like no one cares for me after all. Well, I guess we really need to change our mind set and keep ourselves busy at times. Also, during times like this, a companion or someone to talk to is very important so that we can feel secure and voice out our thoughts inside.
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