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Sertraline or fluoxetine

What's people's experiences of these two meds please
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None of these work for me. I get very ill. However usually they seem to work for others.
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hi, I've been suffering from periods of depression and anxiety  for the last 5 years. To cut a long story short it came to a head last month and decided to start a course of Sertraline (50mg). As most people taking anti depressants would say it takes 1-2 months to get the benefits and also putting up with possible side effects.  I personally had the side effects of extreme tiredness/ lethargy, lack of motivation and slight Nausea. After four weeks  I still get anxiety but I'm more in control and it doesn't go 'so deep'. My doctor has recently increased my dose to 100mg and only feeling ok but still have to tiredness.
It's early days but yes I'm experiencing some positive benefits from Sertraline at this current time but you MUST be prepared to to ride out the temporary side effects (1-4weeks)  upon starting them.
Hope that helps
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I am on Mirtazapine from 15mg increased to 22.5mg as my panic attacks got much worse than before. Initially I increased to 30mg, the symptoms got so bad. My doctor prescribed me Sertraline 25mg on top of my existing med. The first day I took Sertraline I got stomach upset and diarrhea; reduced to 12.5mg now. I m suffering side-effects like I'm having a fever(fatigue, sweaty, chills at times). On top of that, my menstruation's cramp is exceptionally bad this time, not sure it was affected by Sertraline. I am not sure this med would help me anymore. Hope someone could induce more positive effects about Sertraline.
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I'm also interested in the difference in these SSRIs. I've tried Fluoxetine and it worked to some extent, but I had to discontinue because I experienced severe dry mouth/throat to the point I'd wake up in the middle of the night and cough for a half an hour (even drinking a full glass of water at bedtime didn't help) and that affected my sleep quality ... Could be due to the high dosage (60mg) I was on ... It took this much for Fluoxetine to ease my depression.

Now I've switched to a combination of Bupropion 200mg + Fluoxetine 20mg. I think it's helping me, but I still don't have enough energy to go out and attend social events. I'm thinking maybe I should switch to Bupropion + Sertraline combo ... ?
Meds work differently for different people. You will likely get a better response from your pharmacist who sees many people taking these meds or the person who prescribed these meds since anecdotal evidence from each person here will not likely apply to your body.
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