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Side affects of Abilify

I am on 7.5 mg of abilify (morning), and 2.5mg zyprexa (night), which I've been on for a couple of weeks

I'm finding the mix better than just the 7.5mg of olanzapine I have been taking previously for 6 years due to the fact I can actually get up in the morning now!

I recommend these doses. I would like to know side affects of abilify..ie sex drive, sense of humour, weight loss?

And can I use paracetomels with this mix? And green tea slimming pills? I have a drink at the weekends which seems to be ok. A few bottles of wine.

Best Alex
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I didn't like Abilify. Yes I think it downgraded sex drive. A flat feeling. I too drink a little w meds, but they say not to drink  
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I was on abilify along with effexor for about 6 months.  I didnt have any side effects from it but it didnt do any good for me either so I got off it.  It was really expensive too!  Even with my insurance it still cost $90!  If its working for you thats great!  And you really arent supposed to drink while on anti depressants!  It can make depression worse and alter the effect of the anti depressant.  EVeryone reacts differently but I choose not to drink while on them!  Best of luck to you!!!!
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I must admit its early days on abilify but it makes me feel a little anxious.That said its hard to say when you are on a break from work.
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Thats the lucky thing about the Uk prescriptions are free if you are on benefits and only 7.95 a time if not.

Yeah its a bit meh this abilify, hard to explain. however it has solved the problem of zyprexa which was making it hard to wake up.

Thanks for the comments :)

As for drink when I was in hospital the doc said 'drink as much as you want' - what sort of advice was that..?? Not good. Bit strange that one! I find though a little glass of wine is fine..
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