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Okay, I went off of Zoloft and seemed to be doing fine. I did this slowly, btw. I began taking Adderall 10mg 2x a day, 5mg, 1x a day and have felt extremely tired and weepy. I find myself thinking I am just a burden to my family. The first time I took adderall, it seemed to really help. What's going on? Is it too much or too little? Things my kids say to me are making me really sad. Why am I taking this so hard? I have actually been thinking of suicide. I just feel I'll never be able to function normally. What is the damned point? I have plantar fascitis in my right foot and it hurts so bad to walk, but I"ve got so much to do. I've been doing volunteer work at the school and am feeling like I just don't know if I can handle it anymore. Like I'll mess up and just cause more trouble for the teacher, etc. I am just too tired to even think right now which is why this is all jumbled. I don't feel like being around anyone and I want my kids to be around someone positive. I try so hard. To help with homework, to make sure they have everything they need. To listen, to keep things organized for them (I just can't do it). I really don't think anyone can help me. I"ve tried before. I've been on Zoloft, I tried Prozac and now Adderall again and read those books about energy of thoughts. Nothing is going to work for me. I'm tired. I'm just tired.
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thank you for responding. Hopefully tomorrow, my perspective will be more positive. I am too tired to stay awake anymore. thank you again so much.
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