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Sleep is Making me Miserable...

Hello Everybody!

I had a meeting with my psychiatrist a few weeks ago to raise some sleep issues that I'd been having. The constant tiredness brought on by staying up until all hours of the morning had, I think, actually helped the suicidal thoughts, emptiness, tearfulness and misery that I'd been experiencing because I was too tired to focus on them.

Now that my sleep is improving, I can feel the bad things starting to creep back into my mind and I want to know if it is usual for sleep deprivation to help depressive symptoms and if it's safe to get less sleep than is recommended in order to deal with it.


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I have heard about what your talking about. That skipping a nights sleep occasionally can help with depression. Maybe it does help because your too tired to think about things. Most people need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep a night. It's important for your physical and mental health. Are you taking anything for your depression?  Remar
1082476 tn?1275621599
Thanks for your comment!

At the moment, I'm not taking or likely to start taking any depression medication. The only thing I'm soon to be taking are a few melatonin supplements that my psychiatrist prescribed after finding out about my sleep troubles.

I haven't started these yet though because I've had school work to do.
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Yes sleep deprivation helps depression.   Normally the depression is worse in the morning and somehow the brain recovers in the day, there are lots of theories about this.

But if you keep going like this without sleep i can assure you that you will start hallucinating

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