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Almost every night I scream NO! and oh my god real loud in my sleep. It has been going on for quite awhile I have been told. I don't remember anything in the morning. Is there anything I can do or take to get rid of my sleep-talking?
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This might sound daft but you should ask yourself first; do you know what you're shouting "No!" about?  I spent many years having recurrent nightmares and was prone, I'm told, to shouting much the same, I would go through phases when I woke myself up, and often in a cold sweat. Deep down I knew it was something I hadn't dealt with. I'm probably not finished dealing with it now but once I'd ackowledged the episode of very painful but very deeply buried trauma (from my teenage years) and spoke to another human about it, the nightmares and the talking/shouting became a lot less frequent. (although things may well get worse before they get better) Have you had any therapy?
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My husband also does this, he shouts "No" + sounds so scared.
He wakes himself up.
Once or twice he shouted 'mommy' he is 50.  He has no mental health problems.

He was left alone a lot as a small baby.  His family had a business and they would feed him + leave him.  Then come back 4 - 5 hours later + feed him again.  They couldnt hear him if he cried.

I guess it is all in their buried in the subconcious.
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Hi..I am new to this site. I too have 'night terror' since a vicious personal attack that almost killed me. I dream so vividly that scream, cry, lose my voice as in terror of dying.
I have to remove my phone to the other bedroom & put it a drawer , or atleast put in off.
I  sometimes read to get my down to peace. If I didn't find my belief (faith) I would be a
shell ...   My EX can  possibly get out in 20 yrs, I have security. My boys are 22, 24. &16.
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I also used to do this.  It happened on and off for a couple of years and was related to something that had happened in my early teens which was replaying itself in my subconscious.  I was only aware I was shouting out because it would wake me up and I would be disorientated.  It stopped after I spoke about it and learned things about the incident that I had not been aware of (sorry its complicated).

I do sometimes still cry out in my sleep when I am very worried or very stressed and my husband says its as if I'm fighting with someone.  It is very rare though nowadays.
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Out of nowhere I started having leg and arm twitches and I was told I talk in my sleep from an ex boyfriend.  Well months after that, I started waking myself up from screaming or sudden movements of my body.  One time I woke up punching the back of my head board and broke it. Another time I knocked my favorite lamp off my nightstand. I have no idea why I'm like this, as far as I can remember I don't have any issue's from my past.  But I take 150mg of Effexor XR and 75mg of Amitriptyline and other fun pills. I suffer from  FMS and I get depression and CFS from the fibromyalgia. My doctor wanted to do a sleep study on me and I told him he's crazy.  I hate hospitals and if they take me for a sleep study who knows how I'll act.

I was staying at a friends house in DE and I had an anxiety attack. She didn't know what to do so behind my back she called 911. For a whole week after that I beat up the pillow and screamed. Because my friend was drunk and the hospital wouldn't let her pick me up so they made me stay there all night till 10am when my friend woke up.  I was in a strange state and I had no way of getting back to my friends house so that was a nightmare for me. I live in PA which from her house I was 3 hours away, never again will I stay in a hospital.
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