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St. Johns Wort & Alcohol

I started taking Perkika (hyperforin 2%) and have been the past two weeks. I just read that you should possibly avoid drinking alcohol while taking? Last Saturday I had 8 beers that night a didn't feel any different than what I would call a hangover head ache.

Do they say no alcohol because alcohol is a depressant, so no alcohol just like they say when you're taking antidepressants?

Anyone have any history with taking this herb and getting drunk while taking it?

Please note I do not have a drinking problem any only have light depressive like symptoms I have tried prescription RX in the past just do not like the way they made me feel. I feel that St. Johns wort has really helped me over the past 14 days.

In early August I am going to a bachelor party and Vegas and am trying to determine if I should stop taking this a week or so before I go.

Any help would be awesome.
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It could be said that anyone who feels the need to drink 8 beers has an alcohol problem.  But as to your question, St. John's Wort is an antidepressant, that's why you're taking it.  It does other things, but the standardized version you're taking is usually used for depression.  A true natural program wouldn't use just one herb and would look at your lifestyle, but the warning about alcohol use is precautionary just as it is when taking a pharmaceutical product.  Whether it's natural or mixed up in a lab, if it affects brain neurotransmitters you're going to be cautioned to not drink alcohol or take other recreational drugs just for the safety of you and the manufacturer so you won't sue them.
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