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Steroid cream thinned my vulva how fini cope and move on?

Dr misdiagnosed me with dermatitis. It actually was BV. I used betamethasone and clotrimazole cream for only 5 to 6 days 2 times a day. I stopped the cream. It burned bad. Now, it just tingles and burns intermittently.  All my infections are gone. So, now I cant focus on anything. Cant enjoy anything. I'm just filled with anger and regret.  I cant seem to find closure or put it behind me and move on. It's been 2 months. Is there a way for me to get over this with out going back on antidepressants.  I was on lexapro. Now, I take lorazepam for anxiety. I keep trying to go back to the past and fix it, but I cant. I'm living in October. I know I cant change the past. I keep reliving the week of the 23. Over and over. Its exhausting. If there is any way I can move on from this traumatic experience. Please let me know. Thank you
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This thread has a lot on it on the mental health issues forum already, if anyone wants to pursue this one check there first.  Peace.
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