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Stopping Effexor XR

I can't remember when I actually started on Effexor but I am sure I have been on it for about 10 years or more. I currently take 75 mg a day. I have never been able to get through the side effects of being dizzy, feeling of unbalance and my head is all tingly and shocking when I try stopping my dosage, but I am getting fed up with the side effects while taking Effexor even more. The constant sweating, weight gain, fatigue, loss of memory, trouble thinking and speaking,etc.. Are there any dangers for stopping this medication due to the length of time I have been on it? Also what are some natural alternatives to taking the Effexor and how long must I wait before taking those?
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You can stop if your really want to and are tough enough to handle the withdrawl.

You will need to taper slow.......Very slow over the course of several weeks, maybe even months. Even then your Withdrawl symptoms will still be uncomfortable.

Even with a slow taper off method, you can expect to feel like **** for at least 8 weeks after complete discontinuation.

Also keep in mind that your depression will most likly return (if you indeed really suffer clinical depression) I would assume that you do if you were prescribed Effexor in the first place.

Side effect with Effexor are normal, but your sound pretty bad. How come you didn't swap it for a different medication years ago if the side effect you get from it are so bad?

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