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Strange lump in throat

Hello. :)

I am a 15 year old male that has been diagnosed with depressed and anxiety for almost 5 years now. I have not told anyone or not on any medication for it.

I have this strange lump at the back of my throat near my tonsils and I can't figure out what it is. It feels like I'm almost chocking, this is very annoying and worrying for me

Also I keep having these "muscle spasms" on my face (normally next to my lips) that only just started a few days ago,  I'm also not quiet sure what that is too. I guess it's normal but I just want to say in case that is a problem too.

Do I need to see a doctor about these issues I'm having?

Thanks for reading =)
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But I wish the best of everything to you. I hope that you feel better and get well soon, and please tell someone I told my mom recently but I'm going to ask her if I can go to therapy.

Trust me, it'll be better soon
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Hey Lee I'm Crystal, I'm 13 turning 14 this summer but pretty mature for my age.

But anyway I can relate a lot to what your feeling, because I've never been to a doctor before or had a diagnosis but I know I have aniexty and depression problems. Especially aniexty my heart will race and it takes a while to calm it down, & I get stressed out a lot.

And I have depression problems , and I'll feel like my throat is tight or even closing, almost like a lump.
And I'll get spasms in my face too near my mouth and cheek.

I guess its because of aniexty or depression, or something else I just wish I knew.
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hope you do go to see a doctor this is important.  life is short and you need to make the best out of life.  you cant do that and being all depressed.  i am doing so much better.  i have up and down days but th up days are getting more.  i am fighting iy was do need meds to help.  god bless you and please get some medical.  mandy876
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Hey there, you said in your initial question that you had been diagnosed with depression for 5 years.  I presumed you had seen a doctor who diagnosed you.  You say, however, that you have not seen a doctor.  Who made the diagnosis?  Do you mean you know you are depressed because you feel it, but have not talked to anyone, not even a doctor?  

You should not be coping with this on your own.  Yes, you really must see a doctor.  It is important.  You don't have to take medication if you don't want to, but wouldn't it be a relief to get a proper diagnosis.

Do you think you could tell a parent about how you feel?  Talking will help you a lot.  Bottling things up will only make things worse.  You are too young to deal with this on your own.

I am worried about you so please let me know what you do.
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  please listen to maddie this is serious. everyone needs a friend or parent aunt or uncle or a grandparentt they can talk to.  you can be treated with meds and you will be surpried at  how much better you will feel. take caree and plase go to the doctor.  god bless you.  mandy876
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Hey Maddie,

I have seen no doctor at all. I know I am diagnosed by me feeling down almost every day in the past few years, but I can only just about cope with all these things going on around me.

However, I will try and see a doctor on my own if that is possible at my age because now I am starting to feel very hot and I have a racing heart beat over 100bpm at rest almost all the time and that is very worrying for me.

Thanks for replying.

I will also reply what the doctor says in the next few days

P.S - sorry for me replying late :(
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Hello there.  It may be that it would put your mind at rest if you saw a doctor about your problems.  Just to have a diagnosis would help to alleviate your worries.

I know, from personal experience, that depression can generate all sorts of physical problems.  They really are there, not in our head.  I had lots of tests, and when told there was nothing physically wrong, knew it was all due to my depression.

I am concerned you say nobody knows you have depression and anxiety.  Not even your parents??  You are very young to be dealing with these problems on your own.

I live in the UK too, so that makes you special.  You say you have been diagnosed, so I presume a doctor did see you.  Does that mean you went alone to the doctor?

Oh please do not cope with this alone.  I do so worry about you young people.  I urge you to see someone for your peace of mind.

Please let me know what you decide, and how you are feeling now
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