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Stuck in Depression

Hi.. I am a 26 years old female and have been struggling with 'depression' for almost a year now. In the beginning I went to a psychiatrist who assessed me of having a borderline personality disorder and emotional instability. I took many pills during the treatment such as Dianxit and Cipralex which didn't work on me, then Afeksin, Faverin, Sedoxil and Nodiril. However, I was not getting better.

Around December I changed my psyschiatrist and he told me that all I had was Anxiety only. He told me to quit everything that I was taking from the other psychiatrist and gave me 1 and a half pills of Ativan of 1mg and 3 pills of Amirol antidepressants of 10mg each. I am taking these pills three times daily. However, I am feeling still depressed, without enthusiasm, sleepy, confused and in tears. I am feeling like I am a big failure.

Can somebody help me on what to do please?
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Hi So sorry to hear your not good, it's no wonder really with all the changes of tablets every change effects us especially if you have changed the types of anti-depressant because you go in and out of withdrawal and that mimics anxiety/depression.
I was on tablets for eleven years since the age of 31 I had PND I came off 150mg's of venlafluxine, citalopram and dolsulipin. It has taken me a few years to get right but now I have more quality of life I can function there is hope ! I was a counsellor for seven years and now have to rebuild me life its not easy but better than being a shadow of myself ! I was tablet sick you remind me of myself !
I feel for you as I know Ativan is a strong highly addictive drug. Please contact my support group Cita on the web they are very kind and experts
on the drugs.
There is hope and you are only young and can heal !!
Take care
Lorraine x
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Depression is an adaptive mechanism.  When things are going well in our lives, we feel good.  This good feeling is nature’s way of telling us to keep doing what we’re doing.  When our lives are not going well, we feel down or depressed.  This is nature’s way of telling us to make some changes.

In order to feel good, the following seven factors must be present in our lives:
- good nutrition
- fresh air
- sunshine
- physical activity
- purposeful activity
- good relationships
- adequate and regular sleep
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