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Success on Celexa??

I cant take Effexor xr anymore due to the cost, so the dr is switching me to Celexa, Im very scared about this since the two dont work the same and im deeply depressed right now..Most meds make me sedated since Im so sensitve, I dont want to be like that again, I just got a new job.....Anyone have success on it, what mg, and what  common side effects did you experience
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I hate to see you have to switch from Effexor XR if it was working well for you.

You are correct that Celexa and Effexor XR are very different in terms of what neurotransmitters they effect in the brain.

Celexa being an SSRI and Effexor XR being an SNRI.

For depression has heavy symptoms of fatuge and exhaustion, then an SNRI is always a better bet becuase they tend to be more energizing.

Keep in mind that Weith's patent for Effexor XR expires very soon, and in a couple months Effexor XR will be avalibe in a generic form, thus saving you a ton of money for it.

You can now get generic Venlafaxine (the active ingredient in Effexor) but most people don't do very well on it because it doesn't have the "sustained release action" that Effexor XR has.

Soon Effexor XR will be avalible in generic, just not sure when.
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I tired to tell my dr I wanted another med like effexor xr , but he said the only two are welbbutrin which give me headaches and something else, both which i was on..I cannot afford the effexor xr, it being 122 a month, sice I cant even pay my bills right now...so i have to do something now, ill be out by monday...im sooo cared and crying becasue i dont know what this med is going to do to me, i dont want to be sick n dtired and sedated all the time, i just dont know what to do..i have to see this dr cuz hes the only one at the crisis center where i go for free since i have no insurance
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check with drug company for effexor and see if they can give u meds on rebate or free
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already did, they wont give them to me, plus they stopped working
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If they stopped working that's another story but if your health care plan won't cover it appeal it. I always do that. A denial is always worth appealing and I know the specifics. If you don't have coverage and you are working look up "Medicaid Buy In for Working People With Disabilities" and if its in your state it may be an option. You need to go through all coverage options although company coverage was a good start. And your local independent living center is a good place to ask about benefits issues. There's one in every county of every state. Here's a list:
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So this doctor told you that the only other two medications like Effexor was Welbutrin and another?

I'm sorry but I must call BS on that doctor because Welbutrin is totally different from Effexor. Welbutrin isn't even a close relative to Effexor. It works in a MUCH different way and on a MUCH different neurotransmitter.

Since this doctor can not find you a viable alternative (Probably because of lack of experience) then tell him to prescribe you generic Venlafaxine.

It the exact same thing as Effexor XR without the sustained release. This means that you will have to cut the dosage down so you can take it twice a day because it has no sustained release action like Effexor XR. (get what I'm saying?)

Venlafaxine is very cheap.

Sheesh! I find it crazy that I know this and this doctor doesn't. I feel like this doctor is not trying to find viable alternatives to your situation. I hate that.

This doctor should have mentioned Venlafaxine if you couldn't afford Effexor XR and still wanted to take an Effexor like drug.

As for the Celexa.... You honestly don't know yet. It may work for you as good as the Effexor did. IMO, I say if it isn't broke than don't switch it. Which is why if Effexor is working for you that it is best to stay with it or a drug like Venlafaxine which is Effexors active ingredient.

You get what I'm saying?

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Having trouble going to sleep. Anyone with that problem. I am sure not. Ha! In regards to the Effexor Xr. I was taking the 75mg cap.-Taking 4 every morning for a total of 300mg. When I lost my job and could not afford COBRA, Talked to MD and told him he would have to dig some outta his closet. Gone for a while- No Effexor, But had Pristiq 50mg. I too was concerned about changing when nothing was wrong except price. Effexor XR was going to cost me cash price for 120 caps of 75mg--$550.00+. Couldn't do. The Pristiq he said was A purifies form of Effexor with the side effects (bad) removed. My only problem is a slight headache, but that could be fron number of things. It is only $132.00. He gives samples. I have been able to go to a site at ppaRx.com, I believe, someone help me here. Based on income, I am able to get all meds free- shipped to me or MD. I can p/u Lamictal and Wellbutrin XL at pharm. tomorrow. This is such a relief. No meds for almost a week. Started back today (provigil.lamictal,neurontin.wellbutrin,and pristiq.) Would prefer EffexorXR so I am going to contacy drug co. to see if they have similar program. The doc. at a clinic where it cost minimal wanted to change Limictal to Lithium.I told him WOW!. that is where I drew the line. Said was the same as Lamictal. Was so angry when I came out into lobby and drug rep there. I looked at her and asked what kind of drugs she had in her bag.--I think I scared her --apoligized and told her my situation. She is the one that referred me to websitr for assistance with meds. I have had to learn do many ropes since fired.The biggest thing I've learned is I WILL SURVIVE because I AM A FIGHTER. When I get back to work, if I am ever physically to, I know the experience I have gained will benefit at least 1 of my future patients.Sorry for long-windness--Just wanted to share what I have learned on how "I" am ging to be able to get my meds 'til I get ins. or get a job. I feel so much better. I have actually started back on book I am writing. Today I feel good. Hope and pray that tomorrow brings same, but whatever it brings I will take it and make the best of it, for I am glad to be alive.Again, sory I took up so much. But sometimes I do what I gotta do.  :-0) Love you all   Madlyn
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I know what youre saying about the dr.....I knew what he was telling me wasnt true, but I have no other option right now....The effexor isnt working right anyway, its just keeping me a little sane.........Ive tried the other effexor but it messed me up bad......ya im not sure about the celexa i just know im having bad side effects....Im just worried becasue effexor used to work for me that I should get another snri not a ssri which makes me sleepy....i just want to feel better so badly....
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I have run the gamit of antidepressants starting with Paxil and ending with Effexor with a multitude in between. I had hormone test run, thyroid test and everything is ok. I'm 64 and can't find one that makes me feel any better. I cry alot, get angry and feel depressed.  I know I have tried at least 6-7 drugs. What is going to make me feel better.
from dmcmindes
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I had to wean myself off 225 mg of effexor after seven years. No job or health insurance. I made it. I weaned from 3 to 2 to 1 per day. It was hard, but now I'm done. Head zaps, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, headaches in frontal lobe, that pressure. Saline drops and cheap sinus pills helped. Week two no effexor and I'm better. I'm crazy unorganized, looser goosey. Anxious, but managing.  I need to be able to focus and slow down. I feel like I lose my thought in a hot sexknd all day long, well I do. But I'm off that mess. I'm gonna try yoga and work hard at having a great, healthy, frequent sex life. Prayer and keeping faith is essential to beating this monster. I am doing it!
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