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Sudden feelings of anxiety and intrusive thoughts on implant?! (implanon)

I've had the implanon in for a year now, and it's making me insane! I had an abortion last year and got the implant put in afterward.. I'm unsure if it's because I didn't allow myself to think about it or if it's the implant making me feel this way.

I've been having really strange thoughts, i'm paranoid of thinking things like 'kill (someone close to u)', I'm only thinking this because i'm trying so had not to think of it if that makes sense? anyway i wouldn't even kill a spider I just feel like I have no control over my thoughts? I've also developed psoriasis, scalp psoriasis which is making my hair fall out and I've had countless episodes of tonsilltis since then, this is also making me more stressed.

I've been such a **** to my boyfriend for no reason, I just get angry or majorly emotional for no reason at all, have no sex drive and constant feeling tired. this has only been happening since I got my implant, before then I was bubbly and happy and wasn't depressed about a thing.

I've seen loads of other girls on here describing similar effects to me, it's really great to know I'm not alone in this crazy anxiety implant world! Please reply with your stories, it really helped me reading other posts on here!

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Hello are you saying you are suffering from depression because you had an implant?  Or did you have depression before?  

As you are on the depression site, do I assume you have depression, and are looking for answers.  I don't think girls with implants will necessarily be on this depression site.  Perhaps you need to post on another site to get answers.
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I am having the same issue and am having it removed in a week after nearly 4 years of being incredibly confused about my intrusive thoughts and anxiety. Hopefully things will get better after. Please let me know if there was a change for the better.
4Maddie44, did you think she was talking about breast implats??
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