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Suffering from depression & bipolar disorder

I am confident i am suffering from depression and some kind of bipolar disorder. I need medical assistance. Altough i will see a doctor, wanted to check and ask if there are any depression / bipolar working gropus and therapy sessions in Mumbai-India. Thanks
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Have no idea about India in that regard, but before you do anything you need a diagnosis.  Most people who think they have bipolar, and many who are diagnosed with it, don't actually have it.  The experts in this are psychiatrists and psychologists, not your regular doc.  Once you have a diagnosis and know what you're dealing with, you can ask your psychiatrist or psychologist if they know of groups.  If you are truly bipolar, the only treatment for it is medication.
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I took a bipolar and depression test online to sort of rule out one of the two. I thought I was bipolar too and it turned out I was much more on the depression side. It might be worth a try to take some tests, therapists would probably be asking similar questions for a point system. Couldn't hurt.
My own opinion is these questionnaires don't have much value.  If you've ever taken a basic statistics class they're very easy to figure out and can be easily gamed.  People who are truly bipolar have a severe mental illness and it's just not hard for them to know it.  If you have to take a test, you don't have it, what they're really testing for is something like Bipolar 2, which is just another way of manifesting depression that gets a title because drugs have been patented to treat it.  If somebody is having a very rough time it's best to see a professional psychologist and see what's up and go from there -- self-diagnosis, to mix cliches, is like a lawyer having himself for a client.  
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