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Do you think it is in their best interest to tell my parents of my intention to commit suicide, before I go through with it?
Would you want your child to tell you before he/she does it?

I know a question like this is inevitably result in a ton of responses about how it is "selfish", "don't go through with it" blah blah. I could care less about your possible attempts to change my decision, all i ask is that you ANWER the question i'm asking. Thanks.
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  Yes it would be essential to let them know, why you feel this way
as well and when this started to happen. If they are not receptive
find someone else who you can have an open minded conversation
about it such as a counselor.
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I agree, I think you should reach out to your parents and let them know what's going on.  

I'm sorry you're in such pain where you think that suicide is the only solution.  I strongly urge you to try to get some help.  I wish you the best and hope you find the help you need.'

Please continue to post here for support, we're here for you as well.  Maybe you could share a little about yourself, what brought you to this point?  Keeping you in my thoughts.
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I am sorry you received a "damnation" response. It is not at all helpful. Once after I attempted suicide my step father told me I would go to hell. I just stared at him. He obviously doesn't understand the feeling and thoughts that go into deciding to end you life. But back to you question. Most definitely yes, you should tell your parents. They will probably be shocked but it is better than them being devastated and guilt-ridden because they didn't know. One thought for you. My only child,Serena, died when she was 16 in a car accident. On Dec 30th it will 21 years. I still grieve for her. I buy flowers for her every birthday and anniversary of her death and cry. Your parents will hurt too.
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How are you doing?  

Just know that we care and are here for you.  The obvious reaction for us is to tell you NOT to do this, just understand that many of us have lived through the suicide of others and have seen the terrible pain and suffering it causes the loved ones.  I don't say that to make you feel badly or to change your mind, I just want you to understand where a lot of people are coming from.

A dear dear friend of mine lost her husband to suicide, probably about 5 years ago now.  It was the most awful thing I've ever witnessed.  To this DAY, she hasn't been able to move on, she's still SO angry with him and still blames herself.  It tore her family apart and her in-laws launched a hurtful NASTY campaign against her, because they blamed her.  Even now, every time Tracey visits her husband's grave, his family removes anything she leaves there. Even his own daughter...they will remove her things she leaves for her Dad.   It's heart wrenching to say the least.  

And the WORST part IMO is that people who commit suicide are NEVER remembered for anything other than that.  Anything and everything they did in their lives, and the wonderful qualities of that person takes a back seat in a huge way to the fact that that person committed suicide.  THAT becomes their legacy and it's so very sad.

I have another dear friend who lost her son 2 years ago to suicide.  She still sobs daily and cannot stop torturing herself.  She's tried support groups, therapy, she can not find happiness again.  She has told me she feels each day is torture and if it wasn't for the fact that she has two other children, she would take her own life.  It's just so tragic.

I'm going to say something that is a bit controversial, but I think for someone convinced that suicide is the only answer, it helps to hear this, and may keep you on this Earth a little longer.  Your "options" aren't going anywhere, you know?  There's no hurry to make any decisions sweetie.  

Think of it this way, what's the harm in TRYING to get yourself some help?  One last ditch effort?  I would never want someone to choose suicide, but the reality for many is, they feel it's the only way out of their hell on Earth.  They feel trapped, hopeless, helpless.  In the moment, they can't see a way out of that hole.  You're young, you have time to make decisions about this....why not put your all into TRYING to climb out of that hole?  It CAN be done you know.  If your last ditch effort isn't successful, you still have all of the same options, right?

We won't judge you here hon...we just want to be here for you.  Please keep talking to us okay?  I hate to think that you're in so much pain.  You're in my thoughts.
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I didn't know you lost a child.  I'm so sorry.  I cannot imagine the pain.  :0(
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No I do indeed know of these thoughts of suicide I've had them many times but I say close to my faith , I've been a anxiety and depression sufferer scene i was 12 sometimes it lingers for weeks i just guess religions out in the community but in from the south what do i know
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Please do not attempt to take your life and please tell someone that you are having these thoughts and feelings so they can help you. Although it may not seem like it NOTHING is bad enough to warrant taking your own life and no matter how bad it is for you right now it can get better starting with letting someone know how you feel and getting help! PLEASE!
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