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Talking inside yourself

I constantly talk to myself in my mind and have the most random conversations , sometimes it's just phrases or repeating things I heard or read ... It's not always negative mostly random ranging from making lists of things to do to worrying about things in the past to judging myself or complimenting myself... It's so random and constant its  extremely tiring. I appear very normal and no one would know unless I opened up to them about it, and when I do I just get "don't worry we all go through it" or "you're just stressed it'll pass."
Can I self heal this problem? i don't want meds but I don't want to get depressed or crazy either.
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I am seeing a counsellor who is helping me with my worrying issues. Thkeep me awake at night. She told to make a worry book. Then when I awake worryin at night I write down these worries. She also allow yourself a worry time during the day.Look at your night time worries and decide how important they are ask yourself are they practical worries or hypothetacal worries. She also gave me a leaflet how to deal with worrying I also have conversations in my head about things tat did happen or may happen in the future I HAD A STROKE a few months ago and my main worry is to recover, It was a huge trauma, Part of my brain is dead. Inow have post stroke  depression, I am on anti depressants now. I know exactly how worries are overwhelming
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I think the proper thing to do is bring this up with your general physician/family doctor.  He or she will know which direction to point you in.  Medicine may be a life saver.  Worked for me and I was opposed.
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Look online for a mindfulness course that you can do at home. Being mindfull of the moment you are in rather than what was or may be will ease the clutter in your head. There are apps and books to try too. It is helping me.
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I suffer from a similar thing except I imagine scenarios I probably do it every second of the day when I'm not talk to someone which is over 90% of my day. I always imagine things that I want in my life and I end up even speak out loud and. Sometimes I imagine things that are probably gonna happen and the consequences and reactions that will be.
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