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The Chemistry of Depression

The web is awash with folklore, advertisements, junk and even some very good resources, such as this one.  In hindsight I realize I have been depressed for most of my adult life, beginning in adolescence.  I have many stable relationships including wonderful children and a 25 year marriage, but now at middle age, the depression is getting worse. I am looking for scientific, authoritative references to the chemistry of depression, not just in the brain, but in terms of a holistic approach to detoxification and nutirtion at the cellular level.  Anecdotally, a primeval diet heavy on vegetation appears to be ideal, but I like hamburgers too.  My long term goal is to do as much as possible to build a healthy mind and body with the anticipation of lowering or eliminating the use of medications.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.
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  I dont have anything helpful to suggest, but did want to offer you my encouragement and suggest that perhaps YOU should write this book based on your experince.

For what its worth,, I have cut meat from being the base of my diet (pot roast for dinner, hamburgers ect) to being a small addition only at dinner and many evenings not even then. I havent dealt with depression since my early 20s, but I have dealt with anxiety,,, and reducing the meat quantities does seem to help... but I think its un-nessasary to eliminate them entirely, and for some people may even cause more harm than good.  I have also eliminated all caffine now at this point (the last 2 months) and do my best to feed my family more local seasonal fruits and vegtables which I believe helps bring the body into alignment with the immediate enviroment.

For example, if you live in florida, eating fish, crab, and locally grown fruits/vegtables makes alot of sense and may help the body when combined with the damper salty magnesium filled air and soils of florida....  however if you live in the norther land locked areas, the air is cold and very dry.. our native america friends who lived here before us ate things like pumpkins, squash, root vegtables, and foods that could be kept for long periouds in cool root cellars.

*Bows with respect and apprication*
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