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Treatment options for Depression in Teens

Wondering what treatment options people know about, have tried for themselves or their kids related to treating depression in teenagers.  I know this is a vulnerable population but leaving depression untreated is not an option when it reaches a certain point.  
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It depends on the level of depression you're talking about.  I got depressed and anxious when I was a teen, and at first a visit to a therapist who assured me I was acting pretty normally was a big help.  But the problem came back, and at that point I was left to my own devices; my parents and friends didn't really believe in mental illness back then and they thought people who acted depressed were lazy or trying to avoid doing things. That was not helpful.  I always think the place to start is therapy unless the depression is so bad life can't be lived or suicide is involved.  At that point, a facility might be helpful and medication despite young age might be an option, but if it's short of that, because of how many people's lives have been harmed by medication I just think therapy with a good psychologist if that can be afforded is a place to go first.  My own experience is obviously anecdotal, but I think the rest of my life might not have ended in such a horrible anxiety disorder if people who should have known better had been of more help to me.  That's my two cents worth.  But of course, that assumes it's actually depression and not something else.  Peace.
Giving my own child medication is a rough decision to make.  It can get to the point where I'd do anything to make him feel better though.  I'm getting to that point.  We're meeting with a new psychologist. That's my preference too.  That therapy would do the trick but I'm growing concerned that we'll have to consider other options with it.  We did sort out some sleeping issues with melatonin.  I don't know if that is placebo effect or not but for the first time in a long time, he is getting some sleep at night which helps.  It's hard watching your child suffer, I'll tell you that.  I'd do anything to make it better.
I believe melatonin is a proven pharmaceutical, not placebo.  It was originally tried and it failed in studies, but they were using very high doses.  Later, someone thought to try very small doses, and it worked, at least for those who had a circadian rhythm problem.  Just keep caring, Mom.  My parents did nothing for me.  That didn't work.  Doing too much also doesn't work.  It's impossible for anyone to know where the line is.  But I wish my parents had gotten involved.  Peace.
He is on 3 mg.  We started with one quarter of a tab and kept going to 3mg.  I wish there was an easy answer.  If he needs medication, I guess I will need to research which has the greatest success for teens with the fewest down sides.  
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