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Types of food and natural ways to help treat depression

I'm looking for  any type of foods or drinks that help combat depression and any natural ways to combat depression as well. What vitamins, minerals, supplements help combat  and help fight depression? Thanks!
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Any healthy diet, low in Fat and Carbohydrates can be of help. A daily vitamin can also help to ensure your brain is getting all it needs. Eat lots of freah fish like Salmon as it has a high consentration of Omega 3 that can help the brain function better.

Will all these things together, prevent or ease the symptoms of Major Depression? Not in my oppinion, but anything that helps is a plus.

I just wouldn't get your hopes up about a natural diet curing Major Depression. many have tried and most find little relief from that alone. Including myself.
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Thanks. Even if these foods help a little with other types of treatment, it's worth trying. Thanks for your info!
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I ve heard that  st-johns wort  can help with minor depression. its a natural root of some sort.
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I've had some good luck with a product called SAM-e. It's a mood enhancer available over the counter. You can read more on www - sam-e - com. I use the MoodPlus version with helps mood, joints, liver health. It seems to work pretty well. It's a little expensive so I only buy it at Walgreens when it's buy one get one free...
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