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Unusual Depression

Here's my question, two months ago i started to have symptoms like memory loss, lack of concentration and uneasiness; my life was tottaly great at the time but i am a little unsecure about my intelectual skills. I write for a popular politics blog in my country and i was starting to feel that texts weren't coming out as good as they used to be.

Even so, i thought i was just tired, continued doing my daily life offcourse even though i felt unconfortable. two weeks after that it got worst, i couldn't write or read properly at all; lines would just go by my brain with no effect.

I went to my doctor and she said not to worry, it was all stress. i had worked a lot in the university exams and studied a lot in july so it would probably just go away. she gave me some stresstabs and valerian. I also drank green tea every mouring because i thought it would help.

Even so, about a month after it all started i started to be dizzy all day long, in fact, it hasn't stopped a single moment since then. I feel lightheaded, confused, lost, unbalanced and all.

My right hand started to show uncoordination and my speech also became slurred; one day i almost colapsed at the street and was sent to an hospital, they did a TC and checked my bloodpressure and all but it was all fine, they did a neurological test including romberg's. even though i was un steady it was nothing much.

i was sent home but the symptoms persist; could it be all caused by depression? since i started to feel the first symptoms i felt anxious and stressed about being able to think and write properly, now i'm back in college having classes and the problem subsists.

My question is if all my symptoms could just be caused by my anxiety and stress or should i seek aditional medical help since it's hindering my daily life?

i thank you for your time

Diogo (Portugal)
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Even if your symptoms are caused by anxiety and stress, they are clearly hindering your daily life, so searching for additional help is a good idea. The help might just simply come in terms of counselling or therapy to help you manage the anxiety and stress, which will in turn decrease your problems!
The symptoms you are describing are affecting you enough that you need to investigate them further.

I hope this helps.
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you probably need more tests run mri ans car scans all of the tests to rule out a physical problem, also go to a psychiatris DR untill you find the cause  luck  jo
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you might have a nutritional or hormonal deficiency. i had an estrogen deficiency that made me confused, tired, emotionless, disoriented and made it difficult for me to read. get a blood test or see a naturopath or homeopath.
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See a neurologist as soon as possible. That doesn't mean you don't have depression  as well but this sounds like a neurological disability to me as many of the symptoms are way outside of the range of what is classed under depression or any other psychiatric disability. And many neurological disabilities can cause mental changes such as psychosis or depression. It almost sounds like multiple sclerosis to me with the lack of coordination, dizziness and slurred speech and that can cause mood changes but a neurologist would know much more.
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