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Violent outbursts

Is it the medication i'm on that causes the outbursts of just from the depression? I take Wellbutrin 100MG twice a day, Abilify, Omeprazole,  Levothyroxzine, and anxiety meds when needed.
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That sure is a cocktail of drugs you are taking.  I am usually a very placid person, but one anti-depression drug did make me feel violent.  It frightened me.  Those pills were thrown away once I realised it was their fault.

You must speak to the doctor who prescribed your medication.  If you are not usually an angry person then it could be a side effect of the drugs.

There may be someone here who finds violence comes with their depression.  I hope you find the answer.
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I did actually I was Taking Wellbutrin 300Mg(150MG twice a day) They put me back to the 100MG twice a day and they are now not so often. I'm like one of the nicest people in my family.
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How are you doing now?  Has the violence got less?  
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Im doing ok yeah its very random when it does happen its not everyday anymore.
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