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Weird feelings and side effects

   I am on 10 mg of Celexa and 200mg of Wellbutrin a day. I take my celexa in the morning, wait an hour or two then take my first wellbutrin pill, and take the second before I go to bed now. I have been on it for about a month and a half now.
   I have a few different question here about it. Since I started taking these two medication I have had extreme exhaustion, I yawn all the time, I have no ambition what so ever, I can not concentrate, and I feel like a zombie. I find it very hard to even stand up without needing to sit down after a few hours. This usually goes away at night time a little bit, but I still have it. I was wondering if there is any way I could somehow counter-act this or if there is something else I can do to help me get at least SOME ambition.
   The other thing is, I seem to be getting these other strange feelings. Whenever I bend over and stand up, no matter how fast, i will get really dizzy and light headed and short on breath. I will have a slight dizziness throughout the day no matter what on top of that. Some mornings I will wake up feeling like I just woke up from a hangover without the headache, but without drinking the previous night. I also have this neck issue, my neck seems to ache all the time and feel all stiff, like i need to crack it. I can not tell wether I am hungry or not, i just go eat when my stomach hurts. I have had sudden sharp intense chest pains on my left side, and still have some minor anxiety attack and a bit of depression. Also lately, i have been having this slight dull pain in the left-back side of my head.

I am sorry if this is a bit to long, and I am sure some of this is just side effects of the medecine I am on, I just wanted to see what your thoughts on it were. I do not have my doctors appointment in another month and did not think any of this was enough trouble to bother trying to get it sooner. Thank you
-Miyth Silnia
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Go talk to your doc about what you are experiencing.You might need a med adjustment.I take celexa and and you yawning is one of the side effects .Weird huh?
Hang in there and let me know how you are doing .
Love Venora
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Thanks. I have tried some other formers, and one of the ideas came out that some of my symptoms seem to point to akathisia. A few other ideas, this one stood out the most though. We will see what happens though. Thanks for the support Venora!

By the way, love the name.
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I have been on celexa 20mg for about a year ..... i feel tired all i want to do is sleep.... i have chills terrible, then hot that i wake up drenched or during the day sweat bad......i have no energy, cant concentrate..when i wake up i feel like a truck hit me . cant keep a job because of how i feel .. my doctor just keeps telling me to exercise or go see a therapist, i cannot afford a therapists cannot find help or a clinic...still searching the internet and word of mouth for help...
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That is how I have been feeling on and off tree. It seems to be coming back in full force. I am completely exhausted. To an insane level. I sept probably about 10 hours yesterday and still just moving about makes me want to jump back in bed. I am not sure I can take this exhaustion much more.
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WOW! I have been taking wellbutrin SR (150mg) a day for about two weeks now, switching from zoloft (50mg a day). I am taking these meds for symptoms of chronic fatigue due to some still unknown arthritic disease I have. I mean I had NO energy, nothing, for over a year. It was like the life was sucked out of me. I was afraid noone would believe me, so I put off telling the doc for so long, until I could no longer take it anymore. The zoloft did nothing, so my doc switched me to wellbutrin SR. I am having some of the same side effects you are: intense neck pain/stiffness like it needs to be cracked,  not being able to tell if I'm hungry my stomach just hurts, so I eat. However I am also having SEVERE headaches, and I mean SEVERE. An extremely sharp pain right behind and between my eyes. I'm not sure if it's from coming off the zoloft (a week ago I stopped completely after quickly weaning myself off of it) OR if it's a side effect of the wellbutrin. The headaches last all day every day, but seem to be less painful in the mornings. I have light, smell and noise sensitivity that seem to make them worse. I feel horrible as this problem(arthritis, fatigue,headaches) to begin with has kept me from working for so dang long.  My poor boyfriend and my five-year-old daughter are having to take care of me. I feel like my life has been paralyzed, I can't do anything. I AM however starting to get SOME energy back, but I feel like I'm paying for it with these &%$! headaches. Can anyone help me?!?!
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Look up "Gwen Olsen" on youtube or google video.
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