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Welbuterin xl

So i have been on this 10th day now and i feel like im losing it. Super edgy, heart pounding anxiety, dizzy, stutter a little, cry spells.. I feel great when i first wake up then about 11am comes and it slowly starts progressing through the day. Does it really go away? why feel so horrible to feel better? my doc switched me from Lexapro to this because i was tired, and a tiny irritable here n there but holy **** i want to go back.
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I was put on this medicine (I have schizoaffective disorder depressive type) and it made my psychosis come out like crazy. I had to stop it.
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This is probably the most stimulating antidepressant out there, and if you're an anxiety sufferer it's not a good drug to take for most people because of that.  Do you have a psychiatrist who understands these drugs, or are you trying to do this with a regular doc?  Also, how long were you on Lexapro, and how did you quit?  Abruptly or did you taper off until you were successfully of it.  Because you could also be suffering withdrawal symptoms from quitting the Lexapro.  
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