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Wellbutrin/Buproprin side effects

Hello!  My doctor put me on Wellbutrin along with my Lithium to help balance me out.  I have been in a very deep depression.  About six years ago, when I was still un-polar, I used Wellbutrin by itself and did quite well.  I quit taking it after a year and a half and switched to prozac, which allowed my mania to surface (GRR).  Anyhow, my question is regarding the generic form of wellbutrin, which I have been on for a week.  I am on 75 mg twice a day.  I notice I am very shakey with slight tremors at times and my heart rate is averaging around 100 BPM.  I see my doc on Tuesday.  I loved wellbutrin before and it is already helping.  Do these side effects go away, especially on a mid dose like mine?  Thanks!!  
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