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Wellbutrin XL??

I've suffered from depression for about 7 years now. I tried Paxil first, but this was because I was first diagnosed with social anxiety disorder which was pretty severe until I was given Prozac the second round. It was truly a miracle for me. I was on 20 mg and that was enough to finally feel normal again and it sustained for about four years, until it began to plateau like they say most do (not sure if this was due to the addition of Adderall XR). So I stopped taking it hoping that I could conquer my depression by myself, but clearly haven't been able to. Now I'm back to battling between meds to see if I can feel anything. I tried Zoloft and I felt nothing - literally nothing. I couldn't be excited about anything, but I couldn't be too depressed about everything either. Now it's my first week of Welbutrin XL...started off at 150 and up until today I maintained that dose before taking another one with hopes to do something - ANYTHING. I've had a couple better days where I've woken up and actually felt okay about it. But just like today it's gone back to waking up and wishing I hadn't at all. My mom has been on Welbutrin XL for a while and swears by it, which is why I decided to try it. She said she felt better almost immediately, but now it's been a week. I know this isn't a long time to notice results but I'm getting hopeless. I'm in my third year of college and last semester I made the Deans List, but there's no way I can do that again when I'm feeling this way. I cant afford to let my education and other obligations be jeopardized because of something I don't even understand. So my question to whomever replies is a two-parter:
1.  How long, in your experience, has it taken on average for your med to kick in and for you to know that it's doing anything?
2. Adderall is the only ADD medication that works for me; is it possible to be on it AND an SSRI or am I forced to choose between being happy and doing well in school?

any thoughts at all would be appreciated. I'm desperate here.  
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Welbutrin XL is often used for ADD and Depression, so it might be a good compramize for you. It took me the 300mg dose when i was at my worst to be effective. I felt full effect in about a month.
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thanks so much for your response. im still waiting on significant results, but the days seem to be going by a bit easier:)
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First of all you should be very proud of how well your doing in school. I think that's increduble. As for Welbutrin XL....I was told by the Dr. and Pharmacist that it can take up to a month for full effects.  I felt a difference right away but after a month or so I had major anxiety.  I had to give it up.  On a positive note I have heard really good things with it as far as dealing with depression and ADD together. Good Luck!!  
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I like Welbutrin; you  may need to up your dosage. I'm at 300mg. But the anti-ADD effects are kind of side  effects of that medication while your body adjusts... mine only lasted a week. It may be because your body is so used to ADD meds and you've been on anti-depressants for awhile that you need a stronger kick. Oh, and I hear you on the education thing. I'm in my junior year as well, and I can't have this **** getting in the way again.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. After my first post I had a couple days where i felt progressively happy. But now it's been four days, and today I feel like I'm back at square one. I can't socialize; I try to but I come off unfriendly because it's so hard to smile. Is this normal? To go back and forth like this in the beginning? I was so sure it was working...now it hurts to breathe again.
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Yes. It is very normal. I am experiencing literally the same thing you are. I am 23 years old and have been asking myself the same question: education or happiness? The adderall is a miracle drug for ADD, but makes me depressed as ever. I chose to go off of it because feeling that depressed sucks. A lot of the times I don't feel like talking or dealing with anyone because I'm irritable and down, so people tend to stay away from me while I isoloate myself. I have been battling depression since highschool. I feel no one can understand it unless they experience it long term. You have top force yourself sometimes to overcome it; really push yourself. Going to the gym on a steady basis helps a lot even if its 3-4 times a week. Listening to upbeat music helps. Stay away from the alcohol and substances; for that can only make it worse. Keep trying.... I know it's tough. Sometimes praying helps, depending on if you're religious or not.
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