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Wellbutrin and Xanax mixture

I was recently put on wellbutrin and xanax. I had been having severe anxiety attacks. In the past I've taken wellbutrin for depression but got off of it because I felt that was able to cope with my problems on my own without medication. It's been 3  years since I've last taken it and when I took it before I don't remember getting perscribed xanax. So, my questions is...I do remember that my doctor saying previously that wellbutrin is best to be taken in the morning because it's supposed to keep you up...but why would they put me on xanax with it...because that makes me so melllowed out I get sleepy? If someone could give me an answered I would greatly appreciate it.
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Good question...were you also experiencing severe anxiety attacks when you first began taking the Wellbutrin 3 years ago? How much xanax has your Dr. prescribed for you to take?

Is the xanax controlling your anxiety? With more info., it might be easier to answer your question more effectively.

I have been on Xanax 2mg twice  a day that controls panic attacks.  Recently I was put on Wellbutrin XL discovered that Xanax and Wellbtrin both help with Dopamine.  Does Xanax make me sleepy--I don't think so,  Melatonin 1mg  at night helps me sleep well. Melatonin seems to have hangover affect.  I have to take Xanax around five in the afternoon to prevent major panic attacks.  Do not get sleepy in the afternoon Xanax of 2mg in morning and 2 mg in the early evening.  
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Well, no not three years ago I didn't even suffer from anxiety. It was just mostly depression from like deaths in the family. My Xanax is 1mg, my wellbutrin is 150mg XL. I'm sorry I didn't provide much information previously...Honestly..I didn't think anyone would help me.
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What I'm trying to understand is if the anxiety came before you started to take Wellbutrin most recently. Did the Dr. prescribe the Wellbutrin for your new anxiety?

Are you getting relief from your anxiety with this combination? I hope that some Wellbutrin users offer you some input. I wish I could be more helpful.

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Well, I took the xanax...and yeah it relaxed me alot but I hate feeling like I depend on medication for relief..today my chest started hurting really bad and I called my doctor he told me to continue taking the wellbutrin..I took half of a xanax because my pulse was racing as soon as I awaken this morning. I don't know why it keeps doing it.. They had me on a heart monitor for 24 hours yesterday because I had to go to the hospital for severe heart palputations( sorry if I misspelled that) and I felt faint while driving to work and I started getting black dots in my eyes and shaking extremely bad. So, my first thought was something like..maybe its my sugar? But I don't have diabetes or anything..So I freaked and went there.. my heart rate was 124 BP was 143/63. I went to the doctor he put me on beta blockers until this last visit...then thats when I got put on the well butrin and xanax again...
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I am so sorry your having such a rough time with this right now.  Have they checked you for hyperthyroidism?  I have had "anxiety" attacks for a very long time and I have been on either xanax or valium for the last 10 years.  I have recently found out that I have hyperthyroidism and it can cause anxiety type symptoms and my Dr is sure that my thyroid has been causing these symptoms.  Ask your Dr about it, its worth a shot anyway.

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