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Wellbutrin and marijuana

is it ok to smoke marijuana while on wellbutrin?  i have been taking 150 mg of bupropion sr (wellbutrin) for over a month now and was about to go smoke a little bit with some friends, maybe one bowl or two at the most.  Will this have a bad effect on me?  i am male, 18 years old, 6'1, 180 pounds if that helps.
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I don't think it's good to smoke marijuana with any medication or with no medication.I don't think marijuana does a thing for you and may be extremely detrimental to your mental health.
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It's interesting that your name is Jeff, as I just lost my 18 year old grandson on Dec. 1, 2008, and his name was Jeff.  He lost his father when he was 9, one year later he was diagnosed with the same disease, had his colon removed at 10 and spent 3 months in the hospital due to complications. He then developed a 38lb tumot at 16, it was removed, but he was dying.  With only 10 days to live a set of 5 organs came through for him, he cried, afraid this would never happen.  During the surgery he died 4 times on the operating table, endured Stage II organ rejection, and had to remain in their tiny apartment for an entire year for fear of infection.  He also could not eat anything by mouth during this year and had to get his nourishment by hooking up to an IV every night while he slept.  He had 2 bags on his stomach to collect his waste, one was a colostomy bag the other an ileostomy bag.  He only had one surgery to go, and he would be able to return to school and graduate with his class this year.  His doctor wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving so that Jeff could enjoy his dinner as he was not able to eat any last year.  Right after Thanksgiving he called me and was really down, missing his dad.  We spoke for 40 minutes making plans to go Christmas shopping the following week.  This never happened.  Just 3 days later he started vomiting blood, both of his bags filled with blood, and he passed out.  He was rushed to the hospital where he died, he had bled to death.  His younger brother (his best friend) can still not sleep in the bedroom they shared, and his sobbings at night still wake his mother.  He watched his father suffer and die, and now his brother.  I tell you this because Jeff was fighting every single day to stay in this world, he was sick of all the needles and drugs.  He was a typical teenager with hopes and dreams for his future. The car which was to be his as soon as the doctors gave him the okay to drive, sat in our drive-way, but we sold it as it only served as a reminder of what will never be.  Jeff you don't need marijuana, alcohol or drugs to be happy or cool.  Cool is being the one who is strong enough to say "no" and be a leader, not a follower.  You're headed down a very dangerous road.  I know you feel like I'm lecturing you, and maybe I am.  But I know that at your age we all thought "not me", can't, won't happen to me."  Take charge of your life, don't let it go up in the smoke of marijuana.  If you could see how hard my son and grandson fought to live just one more day, all their pain, fears, and suffering, life lived in hospitals, you would stop and think about your life.  Life is fragile, and only YOU have control over it, don't make poor decisions based on peer pressure, or the need to fit in.  If you have to smoke marijuana to fit in with these people, then find new people.  You're a good and brigh kid, I know this because you thought about the reprecussions of mixing the 2 drugs, you don't need the marijuana.  I miss my grandson so much, he told me of all his plans and dreams, now he is gone.  Don't "toy" with your life, it's too fragile. It's a wonderful world out there, and will be what you make of it, so make the best of it, please.  This may be hokey, but would you please just think about this, and make good decisions in your life, because you're worth it!
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I will assume that since you were prescribed the antidepressant Welbutrin that you suffer from major Depression?

I wouldn't go as far as to say that smoking a little weed while on Welbutrin would cause any life threatining reaction, BUT I would absolutly advise you not to smoke MJ if you have Major Depression because MJ can absolutly make depression and anxiety worse.

What concerns me a little is that you know Welbutrin is a SDRI (Selective Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor) Unlike SSRI's and SNRI antidepressant Welbutrin works mostly on dopamine levels in the brain. As we all know smoking MJ floods the brain with dopamine.

This double whammy of dopamine may not be a wise thing to risk.
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To be honest with you I have been on and off 27 different medications in the last year.... I have never been told what I have cause the doctors can not figure it out. I have personally found that the medication that works is MJ. I would advise to do your own research to make sure that it is not conflicting with your medication but if you understand the effects of MJ it is rare to have side effect when sober. I do agree the flooding your brain with Dopamine is not the smartest decision in the world but what can you do when you are lost??? No doctor can answer that question, but I advise that you do your own research cause very few doctors will tell you to procede with the MJ.
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I do have a couple friends that suffer from mild depression, and they swear by the theraputic effect of MJ.

I think that the question of MJ being helpful for depression and anxiety is more a matter of the severity level of ones depression and anxiety. I do know that people with very chronic severe forms of depression and anxiety dissorder do not respond well to MJ.

That much is a fact because I have seen it and heard of it. Then again like I said, if your depression is mild to moderate then some people find it helpful.

I happen to suffer very severe refractory depression and anxiety. When my condition goes into a full blown relaps then it feels a lot like a bad LSD trip. Obviously adding MJ on top of symptoms like that only makes me far worse.
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With my depression I have found that smoking weed makes me extremely paranoid that I have been living in a fantasy world and I am not who I think I am, that I am really just a bum and a loser and I don't deserve anything that God, in His good graces, has bestowed on me. This may seem silly to you, but I advise you to be cautious. I f you are going to do it, do it in moderation. And Mammo, not everyone does drugs because they think it makes them look cool or will make them happy, some people just like the affect.
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The "effect" of smoking marijuana or taking illegal drugs is to escape the realities of life.  Why else would you want that "affect?".  Young people and teens are very often pressured into trying these things to "fit in" or "be cool", and then the "affect", "high" "escape" becomes more pleasurable, and they become unable to function without the "affect".  Druggies and alcoholics will find every excuse, or reason to indulge in their drug of choice, and it does all come down to the "affect" which is where the problem lies.
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Hi there,

Is it OK? So far we have opinions from either point of view which helps you not at all. There is a commonly held view that dope causes depression, psychosis and more. This view is pushed heavily by those who simply dislike dope and hate anyone who uses and supports it.

I ask the question "How can dope cause depression if you don't start smoking it until you have a major depression? What possible problem could it cause?"

I have looked at this question over many years and there seems to be a real divide, factual, where people should not smoke dope and where it's seemingly OK to do so.

The divide is based on age, which is related to the development of the human brain. Apparently, up to the age of about 24 the human brain is still developing and dope can have a very nasty effect on such development. It does cause depression, psychosis and retards learning through the lack of memory that comes from smoking dope and depression.

So, at age 18, the answer is NO, it is not OK.

I've told you what the results will be so you choose Jeff.

As long as you choose wisely and in full knowledge. You and I both know a "couple of bowls" is what happens the first night. It then becomnes 4 or 5, then 10 and then it's "Where's my pipe" when you wake up. That's how it goes mate and the reason is the more often you smoke the lesser the effect therefore the more you smoke. As with many or most drugs.

Do you have any idea how it would interact with your prescribed meds? If not you are rolling the dice and generally you'll lose.

My advice? Spend your years up to age 24 learning how to live in the world as it is, studying, dealing with your illness and hanging out with people who have not given up just yet.

There is plenty of time to give up later, with a fully developed brain and a real chance at health. Smoke now and your future is guaranteed.

To others, general comments.

I've used dope on and off for about 36 years now. Gap of 10 years, plenty of gaps, no constant and long term use as it becomes useless.

I have had depression since I was 10 so the dope had no causation effect at all.

Why do people smoke dope? Same reason people take any other substance that changes their interaction with the world. As Mammo says, escape. But we do that in so many ways I don't see it as an issue or a problem. You see people read books, watch movies, watch TV, talk to other people all to escape their daily grind. What's the difference? None, same aim, different method.

The issue is that we all seem to want an escape at times and we do it regardless of the future. Smoking cigarettes we do, or did even knowing the future.

What I will say about smoking dope is that after having this major depression period for just on a decade now, doing OK most of the time due meds etc, is that smoking dope actually sparks my concentration and allows me to do things I just can't or won't while not smoking. It seems to motivate me to want to research, learn, read etc and it also does relieve the leg pain I've had for 5 years now.

But if I use it for more than about a month? Effect lessens and it is used much quicker so I stop and don't seek it until it becomes available by chance.

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I know plenty of people that smoke weed that have never suffered from any kind of depression or anxiety in their life. So like you I don't buy that theory.

What I do know is that for people who suffer from moderate to severe Major depression and anxiety dissorder that most of them do not take well to getting high from pot.

I happen to be one of these people. MJ elevates my anxiety thru the roof. If I want a massive long panic attack all I have to do is smoke a joint.
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Anytime a substance such as alcohol or drugs are used as ways to "escape" is not healthy.  Reading a book, watching TV, or seeing a movie are normal emotional things to do.  Taking illegal drugs, alcohol, or smoking marijuana is mind altering, and therefore should be avoided.  I know of nobody who says smoking marijuana causes psychosis, or depression.  But it has been proven over and over that smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol are due to depression and/or anxiety.  Most people I know who are against these things have either hit bottom on these drugs, almost dying, or we have seen the despair caused by such an addiction.  It not about who likes what, it's life's experiences that have shown us the dangers that lie in using these things.  If one needs marijuana to get motivated something is very wrong.  People will find every excuse as to why it is okay to to these things, and they are merely excuses as they don't have the courage to say NO!  Some people need help with depression and/or anxiety and need professional help.  To take an anti-depressant under the supervision of a doctor is the best route to go, self medicating with ilegal substances dooms you to fail at life.
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Bro let me put it this way, if you have mental problems, the marijuana is only going to make it worse. Im not saying marijuna will put you straight into a mental ward, but its icing on the cake if you have any kind of physical or mental illness already (or under high stress). Trust me, I only smoked for four months, stress + thyroid disease+ marijuana landed me right in a psych ward and 8 months to recover. I then went on to develop GAD and depression. Just not worth the risk... your already ill.
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I have severe problems with my self-stem since my childhood.  I even remember my mom asking me why I was looking sad some times when I was around 5-6 years old. I didn't understand exactly what that was at that time.  
I always felt as a looser and behind others and had played alone most of the time.  I was a very intelligent kid though and always did very well with school.
I've started smoking MJ when was 16-17 years old with some friends.  At the begging it just made me sleep, eat and dizzy.  When I got in the university, MJ helped me socialize with the "bad" people - something that I actually needed to develop in my life: party, enjoy the moments, and learn different aspect of life that I was used to.  It helped to increase my self stem and focus on studying and nobody could understand how a pot head could do so well in school and became the top of the school.  At that time I used to smoke around 10 joints a day, and use to believe that MJ boosted my life and helped me making friends.
I'm now 30 years old and had been out from MJ for around 8 months.  I don't feel any difference on my mood due to use or stop using it.  Only thing I tell you is that it causes paranoic, sadness and depression if you use it when you are not good with yourself, have some concern or anything wrong with your mood.
On the other side I have severe social problems and self-stem issues that I was never able to get a rid of, and used to set the bar always high with myself, and it caused me a lot of stress that reflected on my body.  So, I went to the doctor and told all of these to him, except that I use MJ.  He prescribed me bupropion and since I started using it, I don't feel that I need daily doses of MJ, and my conclusion is that if you are using MJ is probably because there is something wrong with you mind and since you are still a young kid, you should take care of it and not use MJ to mask out those issues as I did.  I believe smoking MJ once in a while as a social event is absolutely fine and good, but MJ shouldn't be part of your life.  If it is, don't be shy to talk with a doctor and a counsel to fix them in the right way instead of masking them.  I feel that you are going in a good path my taking bupropion and I hope it helps you with your issues as you don't need to use MJ.  Another thing that is helping me is gym and enjoying the sun, beach.  Try to get in shape and look for girls and have a lots of sex (use condoms though to avoid undesired pregnancy and STDs).
You'll be a winner when you feel that you don't need and crave for MJ, as this is a sight that there is something wrong with your mind preventing you to be happy.
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Like Jeff, i was also wondering about the mixing of wellbutrin and marijuana and what the possible reactions to my health would be. i too have enjoyed in the smoking of marijuana because it was a way to cope with my depression. Sometimes I feel like I need it to relieve my stress. When I have learned of your grandson's hardships it made me reflect on things in my life. Things could always be worse. I feel like some of the things that I'm stressing over are miniscule in the wider scheme of things. I don't know yet if I'll quit for good but, I will seriously consider.
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Well, heres an opinion from somone who "experimented" with marijuana for 4 months.

a) There are no medical studies which show the interaction between marijuana and other drugs (or anestesia) for that matter.

b) I have major depression to, marijuana DOES not make it better.. it only took 4 months for me to start getting marijuana panic attacks.

c) paranoid thinking...not good

d) Don't believe all this pro-marijuana internet propaganda. Marijuana doesn't KILL you at high doses, but may permamently affect the way you think or cause psychosis. Remember its classified as a "Halucinogen" for a reason.

In short, I bought into all the hype to. It's a big load of trash. I made some of the poorest decisions of my life while smoking marijuana and/or drinking. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED some of the affects from it, but its just not worth it.

Good luck my friend.
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Too many people, particularly young people, look at MJ as a recreational drug with little to no health related side effects.

Here are a few things to consider:

- MJ is a mild hallucinigen and a depressent...probably the last thing you want if you're suffering from depression.

- If you're buying it from some neighborhood dealer or friend of a friend, you really don't know how it's been grown and under what conditions. You have no idea how many growth hormones or pesticides have been sprayed on this stuff. It's not regulated and you have no way of knowing how it's been handled.

- Since you need to inhale it and hold it in your lungs, it's a carcinigen (causes cancer).

- Mixing MJ or any other non-prescription drug with your prescribed depression medication is a recipe for failure. You are taking a depressent (MJ) to counteract your anti-depressent meds...they are playing tug of war with your brain.

Now, knowing these few things about MJ, do you really thing the high you get from it is worth the risk?
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I was just recently prescribed burpropion to cope with severe depression. Previously i had done all sorts of things such as experimented with strong hallucinogens since the age of 19 (LSD, Mushrooms etc.) I had never been peer pressured into smoking pot as my friends still make fun of the one time a buddy of mine brought an ounce of weed to my house and set in on the table, not sure what i would do. (I was 17.) I told him "yup thats pot. Smoke outside that's fine, just don't smoke it in here." I never had a problem with it as i saw my friends doing it with no side effects. i saw people drink alcohol and do things i considered moronic. So i decided to try this seemingly harmless drug. The first time i tried it, i loved it. I started smoking every day (I have learned i have an extremely addictive personality.) I smoked every single day for almost 2 years. I did not used to be very depressed. I will admit i had slumps but it only got worse as i smoked MJ. Over the Last year, i had realized how bad my depression was getting. To be completely honest with you, I tried quitting MJ to see if it was the cause for my depression. As it would be, stopping cold turkey for about 2 months did nothing. I was still extremely depressed and was only getting by with sheer willpower. Getting out of bed to go to class or work each day was a huge struggle each day. I might mention that i have a 4.0 GPA in college, no easy task when you have the depression bug. I started smoking MJ again to see the effect it had on me. While i did become very paranoid and didnt feel like talking to anyone, it made me feel better when i came out of being high. It seemed like i was getting high because i liked coming down from the actual high. Either way, the MJ seemed to help me cope with my depression. BUT, after being prescribed burpropion, i started to feel motivated again, like my life was worth living again, like i actually might enjoy activities that i used to, i wasn't just waiting to die. I tried smoking pot to see what the effects on this were, the high was ok, very relaxing, no paranoia or anything like that. But, there is a serious lack of motivation for me when the high wears off, and i end up feeling worse than i felt just taking the burpropion. Take it from me, i am an experienced MJ user. I love the stuff, and it is OK in moderation (1 time a month MAX) I used to smoke everyday for two years and i will say this. I did not realize how much it was actually affecting me. It definitely made my depression worse. People advocating its use everyday or very frequently are wrong in their assumptions that it is easy to stop, or that it is not affecting them. It builds in your system over time, and takes a long time to completely come out. Try the Burpropion without MJ for a month. If you are having trouble not smoking MJ, it should be obvious there is a problem. If the Burpropion works for you, keep using it and ditch the MJ. Thats what i did, and i feel like i havn't felt in years. Taking only the Burpropion by itself makes me feel better than any amount of MJ ever could. Take good care of your brain, it is complex beyond comprehension.
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I have severe anxiety and depression, and have had it ever since I can remember. Given, I'm still young(19), but it's a real problem for me. I have good days and bad. The bad days involve me lying in bed for hours without moving or doing anything whatsoever, and I feel as though I'm buried under pounds of sand or something of the sort. Then, some times I get so bad that I lock myself in my room, and sit in the corner staring at the door, waiting for someone to come in. Obviously, that's just the anxiety talking, but nonetheless, it's pretty bad to say the least. That being said, I am prescribed Wellbutrin 150 mg twice daily and Buspar 10 mg twice daily and when I take it as prescribed I stay fairly regular(No panic attacks, or week long depressions). I feel much more open to social interactions, and I feel more lively and happy. The only downside is that every pill that I've ever taken makes me sweat insanely badly, and I swell up like a balloon from all of the extra eating I do to settle my stomach. I never had any of these problems when I was only smoking Mary to ease my anxiety and depression. I felt good about myself, I had a smile on my face, I was energized, I was social, I had a hearty appetite, and best of all I felt completely comfortable with myself and everyone else. The only down side to that was that I couldn't pass a drug test(It's illegal in my town), and my bible thumping family didn't take kindly to my self medication. However; I feel as though marijuana worked best for me, and I believe that if I lived somewhere in which it was legal and I had it prescribed to me, that my family may be slightly more understanding and I might have a more enjoyable life. But what do I know? I'm just a stupid kid, right?
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I take 150mg of welbutrin daily and smoke a ton of weed all day every day.  It makes you feel really good.  It doesn't have harmful side effects that I have noticed.  Welbutrin sometimes causes a little bit on anxiety just bc it increase your heart rate a bit, but the weed just lets you feel nice.  Also, welbutrin has been used as a smoking cure and I've noticed that it takes a lot more weed to really feel it.  Its like Adderall and alcohol, the Adderall makes you feel less drunk, the welbutrin makes you feel less high.  
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Wow. That really struck a cord with me. Thank you for sharing your story and reaching out. I have a sixteen year old son and I pray he never touches pot. It can suck you in and suck the life out of you. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3years ago and when you find out you're sick your priorities change in an instant. I couldn't imagine my son being sick and dieing the way your grandson died. My heart goes out to you.
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